Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tomorrow Diane will be taking Cody into Georgetown. She will be talking with the Radiologist. The way it is looking now, Cody will be getting more chemo and radiation before he can start the antibody treatments. The spots on the liver and adrenal gland that showed up on the MIBG in Georgetown a week ago have showed up on the PET scan in New York. They want to start the antibody treatment with as close to a clean slate as possible. So the way it looks now, Cody will start treatment again next Monday. Here we go again. He really looks good now despite loosing so much weight. Oh how I pray to God that Cody makes it through all of this. It is so hard to keep putting him through this.

God Bless You Cody!


Anonymous said...

Mickey, Diane, Cody, Justin and Daniela,
You are never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers. May you continue to find a sense of strength and comfort in the enormous amount of love and prayer that surrounds your entire family. Sending lots of love and healing energy your way.
Love, Lori

Dottie O said...

One constant factor (even with all the speed bumps) in Cody's journey is that he has always pulled through. Always. Whatever it is that you have to dig deep for has always been there when you needed it. And we are here, too.


Anonymous said...

Cody has been an inspiration to us all. He continues to fight through it all and he will continue to fight through this too. Cody and ya'll have us to lean on when need. I know we are all here for you. Praying for strength, engery, patience and health.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for strength for Cody and the family!


Gettin Older said...

You and Cody are an inspiration to me as well. You have helped me through the trial and tribulations of my father's cancer, and I will continue to lift all of you up. If you need to talk, my cell phone is rarely too far away.


Anonymous said...

I echo the same message from the other comments. We're here if and when you need us. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

So stay strong, be encouraged and take one day at a time.