Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heading to New York....

Diane finished her packing last night for the big trip. She and Cody are heading up by train early this afternoon. A good family friend Dee Dee is going up with her for support through the first week of treatment. I think she will need it too.

We took the kids to Chucky Cheese for Cody's 6th birthday yesterday. It was just our family that attended. He knocked two big chunks of skin from the top of his head. He was crawling through the tunnels and raised up too fast hitting his head. I hope his hair grows back soon. His head can't take much more of this.

I'll update this week when I hear from Diane on how he is handling the new treatment.

Go Steelers!!!!!


BIG MO said...

First it's" GO CODY " & then, of
course, "GO STEELERS" I wish and pray the very best for him & this new treatment.GOD BLESS HIM....
I'm glad to hear that someone went
with Diane. GOD BLESS his marked up head too!LOL I'll be checking
in everyday for all good news....
Tell the kids to take good care of
DAD and that Grandma LOVES them.

BIG MO said...
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BIG MO said...

Sorry I didn't think it made it
the first time!!!!!!!!Dumb me...


Tell me if there is a way I could
have removed one of the comments.

Gettin Older said...

Bless his head and the rest of him too.

Dottie O said...

I'm glad Diane has someone to go with her. Hoping the treatments go well.


Anonymous said...

I hope the treatments go well. Bless you all! Praying for strength for Cody during the treatment. Praying for strength for Diane to be there for him.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

A huge Happy Birthday to Cody. Sorry that it is belated. Its been a tough year but he has made it another year & that is a gift. Glad he had a great time at the beach. Steelers kicked butt! Prayers as always for you all & for successful treatment for Cody.


Anonymous said...

Prayers for Cody and all the family as he starts another round of treatments!
God Bless

elizabethnyc said...

Prayers for healing for Cody, and prayers for strength for you and Diane.

Hugs and positive thoughts to all,