Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In search of a BIG fish....

I want to take a minute before Cody and I head up to the hospital to ask for your help. We as parents of children with neuroblastoma have a very full plate as many of you know. Our days consist of the following. We have jobs like everyone else. We have other children that need our love and attention. We have children that are ill and fighting the good fight. We spend days, weeks and months at the hospital trying to give our children the best chance of survival. On top of all of this we must raise our own money for research to find a cure for this awful disease which is stealing our children. We do fund raisers and little things to raise money which helps but this falling well short of the needed funds. Once again I put a call out to you, friends, family and people who care. I'm sure if all of you take a minute to think about it, you know someone..... You know someone who has the resources, the funds or the connections that can help us. Someone who you may have went to school with. Someone that may be married to a friend. Or just a friend. Most companies or people who are "well to do" often donate money rather than give it to the tax man. That is what the "BOP" desperately needs. We also need a face.... A person that is famous or someone that the public knows or recognizes. Please, please, please... You never know unless you ask. Reach out and make that call. You could be saving many lives with your efforts....

God bless you all for reading and praying for Cody......


BIG MO said...

You don't know how bad I wish I
could send you a Big Fish.... Our
BIG GUY and so many other kids need
this help so badly. I pray that someone that reads your BLOG can
find some help from somewhere.
Now about your Post yesterday,I am
like others,Monica seems to have said it all.You certainly have become quite a man & father.GOD give you & Diane the strength to
hang in there and also to make our
BIG GUY,WELL. We all LOVE him so
much.Your post yesterday certainly
made a lot of us feel like we were
in the room with you both. I sure
hope all this pain soon comes to an
end for CODY and all kids.
Later with LOVE,

Dottie O said...

I will keep this in mind and try to figure out if I know someone who can help.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to schedule a meeting with the Command Master Chief and see if we can't do a fundraiser of come sort.