Saturday, September 20, 2008

We are home.....

Cody and I got home last night about 8:30. His greeting with his mother at Union Station was like something out of the movies. They are so very close and I don't begrudge Diane at all. I have my own type of relationship with Cody.

A quick note on the end of the week. As good as Wednesday was Thursday was that bad. He needed 1 rescue and it is very hard for him to get himself together as it wears off. Yesterday he was an absolute angel. The dance therapist was with us again and it makes all the difference in the world. The bad thing is, she can't be with us everyday. We are lucky enough to have her because of Marie @ Georgetown. She put in some calls and set it up for us.

We are now home for 3 weeks. As long as Cody does not HAMA we will be heading back around October 13th.

Today we went to Cox Farm for a hay ride and pumpkins and such. We had about 2 good hours before Cody ran out of steam. It was a wonderful day.

Here is a couple of pictures from the professional photographer that did our shots at Ocean City. He did a wonderful job. I'd like to give credit to John Mick Photography of Ocean City MD.


BIG MO said...

I'm so glad you are all together
again & enjoying each other.You know I'm getting old and forgetful
but just what does that HAMA mean
and of course I hope it don't happen either. Those pic's are great and I'm going to ask my friend if she can make me copies.
The BOO BOO on Cody's head sure does show up.The hay ride sounds like a lot of fun. Did you buy a pumpkin to cut out? I'll be checking in tomorrow.
Much LOVE to you all,

Deck Ape said...

HAMA is when the body builds up an immunity to the 3f8. If he HAMAs he will have to get more chemo to come out of it...

Love Ya!

Monica Cassier said...

First, the photographs are BEAUTIFUL. What a treature.

I'll continue to pray for cody's recovery, that he doesn't HAMA, that this stuff he got kicks the crap out of the disease.

You are right: this child is a fighter. While I'm sure it is quite difficult to see him go overboard with the anger, I think it's the fighter in him. He refuses to succumb. This is the hardest thing he will probably ever face in his very young life.


Gettin Older said...

I can't say it any better than Monica. Of course, I'm used to that. she says things better than most. Hang in there because prayers are continuing...

Anonymous said...

Positive thoughts and prayers to Cody and all of your family. Cody inspires so many. What an amazing boy!! Love your family pictures!
No HAMA,no HAMA, no HAMA!!

Linda said...

Welcome Back!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back. Continued prayers for Cody's recovery. Hopefully the next three weeks will allow him to get all his strength back to continue fighting.

Oh and great pictures! They are beautiful.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are all home together again! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!
Continued prayers for Cody and family!
God Bless,

Dottie O said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Enjoy your time together.

elizabethnyc said...

I'll chime in with a "what they all said." :-)

So glad you're all home together, glad Cody held his own against the treatment last week, and of course, prayers continue for all of you!

Wonderful photos!


209Mike said...

Great pictures. Nice to know you guys are back home. Enjoy the time together at home and keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of y'all, Cody hope your energy is up! Hope everyone is doing well.

Susan and Jonathan

runnergeel said...

Great pix Deck! Hope all still goes well for you all. Prayers are always there for you from me.