Monday, September 1, 2008

Where do I begin?

Our "08" vacation is in the books. Relaxing yet stressful is how I can sum it up. Saturday morning we got up and had to get the house cleaned by 10. We turned the keys in and headed to the beach for one last plunge. The kids loved all the things that were available to us while we were there. But, I think they would have been just as happy going to the beach everyday. I will be uploading pictures and a video sometime today.

Now for our upcoming schedule. Since the change in protocol we now will be taking Cody up to NY for two weeks a month. Diane will be going up the first week and I'll be going up the second. At first glance this was very unsettling because of the time that Diane and I have to take off from work. We both are blessed with jobs that permit us to work remotely when we can. One great things that will be happening this week is that the kids are going back to school. Oh, and did I mention that Cody will be going back to school also? He will be doing kindergarten again. Although his math skills are better than most 2nd graders, his speech and word pronunciation are lagging. He truly needs this. Although I think it will be a very hard transition for him again. His temper is an issue so we know that we will be going in for many parent-teacher meetings. We will take it! The fact that school is starting for all the kids will help Diane and I get back on a better work schedule. Ya!!!!

On a fun note:
Many of you who know me from Runners World know that I have more than my share of funny stories. Well I have another from this vacation that ranks right up there with the best. Friday we took the kids on a Pirate ship that was very much like the one that we went on in Baltimore harbor this past spring. They sing songs, find treasures and fight bad pirates on the trip and the kids love it. Well, somehow I got shanghaied into performing a crucial task on this trip. During the voyage the kids have to find a treasure map to help them "find the treasure." Well, at this point the kids are told to close their eyes and start chanting a "make the map appear" song. This is where I come in... LOL.. While all the kids have their eyes closed and are singing their little hearts out the captain pokes me with the rolled up canvas treasure map and says "throw it ........." I was caught completely off guard.... I look at him and ask "throw it where?" He gestures with his hand in the direction of the side of the boat. Diane says something to me but in the momentary panic state that I was in I threw the map over the side of the boat. Well you guessed it, that is not where the captain wanted me to trow the map. The captain stopped the boat and the crew tried very hard to scoop the map up but it sank to the bottom of the bay like a rock. Can you say embarassed? I spent the rest of the trip as the punch line of all the jokes and the kids had to use a 'Florida' map on the back of a crew members T-shirt. Diane and I started laughing multiple times on the way home about how stupid I was.. I have to admit it was not one of my best moments. The captain and crew did say that it gave them something to remember about this 08 season.


Anonymous said...

Mickey... it sounds like you are lucky the kids and crew didn't make you walk the plank! ;-) What a great story! You make me laugh. I am so happy that you all were able to make it to the beach and have a great time. The kids will treasure those memories. I am happy to hear Cody is going back to school... I look forward to hearing about his "ferrals!" haha. Enjoy the last days before school and monthly trips to MSK begin. As always, you all are always in my thoughts and prayers. Sending hugs and love your way,

BIG MO said...

I am so glad we all heard from you
and that you did give us something
to laugh about. Too bad we can't see a pic of all that happening!!!
I'm looking forward to see the pic's and really excited to see the
video.You two are sure going to be
busy the next how many months????
As you know, it's Labor Day and I'm
going to labor here in the apt. I
may go over to see JR.later.After sounding so stressed out last time
I'm glad you did have something to
laugh about!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL..

BIG MO said...

Thanks so much for the pic's, but there was one thing a wrong, I didn't see you in any of them. They
all sure like the water. Must take
after me in my younger days LOL
I was hoping for some sound like the other pic's you took of Cody..
Praying that the trips to NY helps
him out so much more. GOD LOVE HIM.
Will be checking again later.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pics... especially the ones of Cody dancing! I miss you all.

Dottie O said...

Funny story and a beautiful video. I can't believe how much Cody looks like his Mom. :)

Happy First Day of School!


elizabethnyc said...

Sounds like overall, the week was enjoyable and that there were some really fun/funny moments for all of you to look back at and laugh! :-)

Sending prayers and positive thoughts as always,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the trip ended on a good/funny note. Prayers as always!

Susan and Jonathan

BIG MO said...

Just a question for now until we
hear from you again. Do you know
just when the first week is that CODY has to be in NY? I wondered if he will be in NY for his birthday. I sent his card but wondered if he'd be home to get it.
Will be checking this evening to see if we hear any thing from you.

Deck Ape said...

he will be up in NY with Diane the starting this Sunday and won't be back for 2 weeks. I will head up next the following weekend to do the 2nd week. If you send something I can take it with me.

Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! I LOVE the map story!!
Thanks for the pix of the kids and Diane. Beach days are my favorites!
Good luck back in NY. It's comforting that they adjust treatment quickly to changing circumstances. You are in good hands!
Positive thoughts and prayers continue for all of you! G2G