Sunday, March 2, 2008

A few pictures....

Flying out of Dulles on Tuesday morning. The AOL & Time Warner people are awesome. When you always hear bad about big companies these stories never seem to get out. They do this all the time. Thank You!!!!

"Look Mommy, there is Nemo!" This is the fish tank at MSK, pediatric hematology floor. Cody loved the colorful fish. We have a fresh water tank and it doesn't come close with the colors of salt water fish.

This is Times Square. We all loved the lights. It will be much more enjoyable when it gets warmer. We enjoyed what time we had to get out. Of coarse, Cody would've just liked to stay in the room and beat on Dad. Ouch!!!

Out for dinner...

This is our room at the RM house. No frills but a very nice and clean place. They were very, very nice to us. Thank You!!!!!

I think we will be heading into Georgetown today. I seems that one of Cody's lines are clogged so we will have to get him in to unclog it. That could take all day. One hour into town. At least a couple to get his line fixed and then another hour to get home. We'll take it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics! It really looks like you had as good time in Times Square and at dinner. Hope today is quick for heading down to Georgetown.

Susan and Jonathan

pwoodyj said...

Hey Bro,
Sounds like you had some fun considering the mission you guys were on. Hope the chores of the day don't drag on to long and that your back home playing with Cody quickly. Lots of hugs and love your way!
Love, the Washington Johnsons'

Anonymous said...

Hey Cody, weren't those lights something else - it's like Christmas. Your pictures are great - you are the cutest kid!!

Hugs to Cody, Pat (ACCA-NCC)

Anonymous said...

Just saying hello your baldheaded younger brother was over brandy's last night. He's still a knuckle head. looks like you had a good time in NY I think will be taking a drive down this summer to visit, we always have fun. So you can meet the rest of your family.Your in my prayers GOD BLESS The Jackson's