Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yesterday was a pretty good day..

Yesterday was a typical Virginia spring day. With sun and temps in the lower 70's, it was a chance for the kids to get out after school. I even let Cody play out on the deck a couple of hours before the others got home. The start to his day was not so good. While I was on the phone Cody got out of bed and sat on the couch in the living room then proceeded to throw up. Diane had mentioned that she felt bad the night before so whatever it was didn't last long. He didn't have a fever and after he made the big mess on the couch he was fine. He didn't eat much yesterday and I wasn't going push it.

Justin and Daniela have a big weekend ahead. They are going to a camp for siblings of cancer patients. Daniela has been talking about it for weeks. She is marking the days off the calender. Justin on the other hand is not so sure. He does not do well being away from home. In fact, the last few times he was going to stay at a friend's house overnight he called and wanted to come home. This will be a little easier for him I hope. With Daniela being there also, I hope he will feel more comfortable. One problem is if he doesn't do well it is a long drive to go pick him up. This may be a tough love weekend for Justin.

Cody's crew has grown quite large. The bracelets have been a huge success. I've shipped out many packages over the past two weeks and continue to get orders. If this keeps up I'll be sending in another order myself. Thanks to all of you....

At this time I would like to ask that you mention a special someone in your prayers. Her name is Kimberley Geisler. She is the daughter of our good friends Mary and Tony. Kimberley is going through many difficult medical issues and her prognoses doesn't look good. Please drop by her Caringbridge site Kimberley and drop her a note. Mary has always been so supportive of us while we are dealing with Cody's issues. God Bless you Kimmy.


Anonymous said...

Mickey, I don't know how you do it. You put everything you are into caring and dealing with Cody and Daniela and Justin. How is it that you always manage to find time to think of others? You're Amazing!

I hope Cody is doing better today. I would think he's not going to be playing much outside with this lovely rainy spring day. Praying for strength and health.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Cody is doing better! Thanks for the link to Kimberly's site. I had lost it in my move. I just saw Tony the other day at Adam's and asked him how she was doing but he didn't mention this. :-( I will go pay them a visit!

God bless,


Mary said...

I am so happy that Cody got to enjoy the nice day outside. I am glad that Daniela and Justin are getting a chance to get away and have a little fun along with a lot of support from others who walk in their shoes. Give the little man a hug for me and tell him I said YARRRR!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Justin enjoys the weekend. I have one that is similar about being away from home. It should help that Daniela is there. That's how mine went to camp!! With sibling in tow !! He lives with a brother now !!
Hope Cody had a brief viral moment and is feeling well now.
Prayers and positive thoughts to
all of you and Kimmy as well !G2G

Anonymous said...

Just dropping in to say hello and check up on you guys. Hopefully Cody is feeling better. The camp trip sounds like fun and I am sure they will be fine (don't worry too much). Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

It is no wonder that Justin is having some discomfort with being away from home right now, but I'm glad about the "siblings camp." That seems like a really good idea. I've been traveling for a week and haven't had a chance to check in. Wonderful to read that Cody is having some better days (even though he caught something...). Happy Easter belatedly, and keep hanging in there.