Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A word from the Mrs.

Since all of you have taken the time to leave a message I thought I would 'invade Mickey's space' and write a little myself. I wanted to thank you all for checking on Cody and most importantly for keeping him in your prayers. Prayers pulled him through the first time and I have faith they can do it again. Our trip to New York was a bit depressing to say the least. Dr. Modak told us that although the initial treatment to a relapse in the liver is responsive - he said it 'almost always comes back.' He said it was 'one of the worst places for a relapse.' It's been hard to pull ourselves back up after our 'talk'. I wanted you all to know that it really helps to read your words of encouragement and to know that you all are praying for our little guy. Your words are read daily with tears in my eyes. Last week Cody said he wants to grow up to be 41. When I asked him why he answered 'because I want to be a daddy.' We took a walk down the road to my sisters house yesterday. Along the way we picked a plant that has the seed connected to soft white cotton threads - the things that blow in the air and you make wishes on them. Cody says 'you're not supposed to tell your wishes or they won't come true right?' After I agreed he said he wanted to tell me his wish anyway. He said 'I wished I would grow to be 10.' Although he may not really understand the differences in the numbers I think he is starting to pick up on things that are being said. In some ways this was easier when he was 2 and was just learning to talk. These moments just make my heart ache beyond anything imaginable. For those of you who don't know Cody he is extremely lovable and just as feisty. He already had several detentions during the short time he was in kindergarten. We are counting on his spunk and fight to see him through. He has surprised the Doctors before and we're praying he will do it again. Please keep the prayers coming his way - he needs you all very much. Thank you for everything!


Anonymous said...

Diane, I happened to be on when you posted your comment. I can't completely imagine what it would be like to be you. But I can say this I have known your family for several years now, though extremely well only over the last couple of months. All your kids are strong and amazing. I don't get to interact with Cody much but base on the few times I have and how Justin and Daniela are once he gets through all this, cause I have faith he will, you will have a lot to deal with on your hands.

Susan and Jonathan

BIG MO said...

WELL,WELL,WELL Good to hear from
you. Mickey said you got a little
laugh out of my comment about the
witch and her broom. The plane wasn't so bad was it? I love to fly
and I don"t mean on a BROOM. HA!HA!
I certainly hope and pray that you all get really good news soon.Will
check the BLOG first thing tomorrow
Have a good nights sleep. LOVE YOU
all very much. LATER,

Anonymous said...

Diane, It is good to hear from you. It seems like yesterday that we were in college. You were kind enough to let me hang out with you and your friends and your mom after college alot since I was new to the area. That was appreciated. Anyway, if you ever need to make a stop in Alexandria for any reason such as a traffic jam or such, please know that you can always come to my house. Hoping good news awaits you. Take care, Karen in Alexandria

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm sorry that you didn't get good news since your trip. I was out of touch last week due to the flu & the last I heard things were looking up. I can't even imagine your emotions of things are looking up today & down the next. Noone but God knows the answers so keeping looking up & praying!!!! Us masters certainly are.

Teresa (tcoplen)

The Florida Johnson Family said...

Diane, nice to hear from you. All of us down here in florida are praying for not only Cody but your whole family. Stay strong and keep faith. Give Cody, Justin and Daniela a hug and kiss. Love You guys. Alan

Anonymous said...

So there really is a Mrs. Mickey :-) Just kidding! Good to hear from you Diane! I can understand your aching heart. Children are so wise :-) Your Cody has been such an inspiration! I know the Lord is smiling down on him. Prayers continue at Tabernacle Baptist Church. I understand you work with Stephana. She is a sweetheart! Because of her own battle with cancer, she's been an encouragement to John and I as we battle his. I pray for you and Mickey for strength of body and mind!


Dottie O said...

Nice to "meet" you Diane. We feel very blessed to have the chance to pray for all of you. Looking for some good news soon.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Diane

I'm so glad to hear from you. This is very hard to understand and follow along from this side of the issue, but you and Mickey are certainly are showing us all what real strength and courage are all about. I pray that you get many more moments of inspiration from your little man and that you all will continue to grow up and together for years to come. Keep looking up,holding on and knowing that we are all praying with you.
Love, Candy

Gettin Older said...

Sorry for the tough news. I will continue to pray. The strength that I have seen displayed by everyone has been encouraging to me.


KJ on Booker Lane said...

You all have been in our prayers always. LJ,Jace and Jayvon hearts are heavy. Although we've never meet Cody please tell him that we love him very much and we will get to meet him. We love you all.

Kiera and the boys

The 311 Boys Mom said...

I have been reading your DH for a few months (6-8) & I was drawn by the cancer connection. My oldest had leukemia when he was 9. He's doing well. He will be 5 yrs off treatment in November (he was given a 66% survival for 5 yrs), but when I was reading you (DH) in November; well, I know its one of your worst nightmares, as it is my worst fear. I had trouble breathing when I read about Cody.

We pray for you often & my son set & hit his goal of 25 goals (hockey player) in Cody's name; at home games it was announced they were for Cody.

We are in Michigan, but Brandon felt he needed to do this.

Mickey talks of you often how you handle things different; I’m like you, how I handle things. It’s just how you work.

We will continue to check in often & keep you all in our prayers

Monica Cassier said...


I think of you and your family everyday, check the blog for news (hopefully good!). I guess it's the upside to getting the 'hard news' from the doctor is that at least you know what you're facing, and can be overjoyed when Cody beats this beast of a disease back - WHICH HE WILL!!!!
I have total faith. I'm not sure if I told you this, but 2 days after Mick let us know about the relapse, I went running in my neighborhood, and this random guy was running and asked if he could run with me, and he started telling me about his son, that it was his birthday, that he just turned 16. I asked him his son's name and he said "Cody". I took this as a very very good omen. I'd never met the guy, that I ran into him on my street, that he talked about his son... whose name is CODY... Good sign.
Hang in there, Di.


elizabethnyc said...

I can only imagine how tough it is to bear this every day, but your strength, and Mickey's, is truly inspiring.

We're all pulling for Cody, and praying for strength for you and Mickey.

Hugs to you all,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Diane! You are a heroine with your strength and faith. As so many others have stated, we are all praying for all of you. Cody will beat this !! Positive thoughts and prayers continue. G2G

Raymond said...

Diane, it's great to hear from you but I wish it could have been under different circumstances. My wife (Sugar) and I have had the good fortune of meeting Mickey twice. We drove to Louisville, Ky. after his race there and we were together again in Philadelphia.

Whatever happens, we're pulling for Cody and the family in general. Mickey has my email, phone number, etc. We're always available and always thinking of you.

Ray & Dea (Sugar) Green

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am still thinking of ya'll. Prayers for good news, health and strength.

Susan and Jonathan.

Gregory said...

Dianne and DeckApe,

Thanks for posting and please hang in there. Judging from the pics I thought Cody was a fiesty fighter and yes, very lovable. He'll get through this...you all will! Prayers continuing!

Gregory (Pudov)

Anonymous said...

Diane, good hearing from you. Cody is such a fighter and he is making everyone connected to him stronger people as we watch him battle his situation with grace!!

Say "hi" to Karen for me!

Hugs to Cody, Pat (ACCA-NCC)

Linda said...

I love that you wrote! =) Always thinking of Cody and the whole fam! =)