Friday, March 28, 2008

Looking forward to a nice weekend....

Justin and Daniela will be heading to camp tonight and will be there until we pick them up on Sunday. Sooooo, that leaves Diane, Cody and me this weekend. I know that Diane already planned on taking him to see "Horton Hears A Who." Hopefully the weather isn't too cold so we can get outside.

Cody has 3 things scheduled for next Tuesday. He will be getting his breathing treatment, his immune booster and also an ultra sound. It will be a long day and he can't eat for 6 hours before the ultra sound. Diane received the results of the pathology report that was done on the section of liver that was removed. They said that the 3 tumors tested positive for neuroblastoma. Now we definitely need to do cleanup with further treatments. This cancer is pure evil. Once it shows itself in a child, it is so very hard to get out. Cody has 3 more weeks before we can begin any kind of treatments.

I've had the privilege of corresponding with a very generous person who joined Cody's Crew. He had some very good ideas for fund raising that I will be considering. One idea was drawing some Christmas cards and give the profits to "BOP" Band of Parents. I think I may do that one.
A challenge is issued!!!
Another idea he had is that he would match the next $500 dollars that is donated to BOP in Cody's name. It does not have to be one person doing this either. It can be the total that is collected for BOP. I do ask with these donations that you go directly to BOP's site to make this donation. Just ask that they notify me of your donation. That way you can get the proper paper work to make your donation tax deductible. All that gentleman and his wife ask is to remain anonymous.


Monica Cassier said...

I want to say I am so moved by your 'nameless, faceless angel' who is helping with your cause.

My company also does matching donations, dollar for dollar... let me get the details and I will donate and get matching dollars for your cause if possible (I think they have a ceiling of $100, but that's great, right?)

I've been handing out my "Cody's Crew" bracelets...

Kids and adults are wearing them. Cody is a rock star....


BIG MO said...

Hope you 3 PIRATES have a great time together and do lots of fun
things, also I hope the other 2 PIRATES have a great time at camp
and have alot of exciting things to
tell you all about.I haven't posted
for several days because that terrible FLU caught up wtih me and
kicked my BUTT. I keep reading the
BLOG several times a day but spent
most of the time on the couch....
that is where I am headed now and
I'll check on you all tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Angel is right, who ever this benefactor is God Bless him and his wife. Neuroblastoma is nasty and all those fight it need all the help they can get. I hope the three of you have a great weekend. It looks like a wonderful day today. Maybe a little cool though. Also hoping that Justin and Daniela are having a great time at camp. I was thinking of them last night wondering how Justin was doing. Praying for ya'll.

Susan and Jonathan

Gettin Older said...

I've not checked in for a couple days as I have been getting my Dad moved to another hospital.

I'm glad Cody is still doing well. We will continue to pray. I hope you can keep the challenge open for a couple weeks. I just got confirmation of a small windfall that will be coming in soon....