Saturday, March 15, 2008

Here till Monday..

We found out this morning that Cody will stay here until Monday. It's not that he had a set back, it's just that they are trying to find the right combination of antibiotics to clear the infection in his line. The company that delivers home meds isn't open on Sunday so we wouldn't be able to leave until late Sunday evening and we would have to be back on Monday morning anyway. He will be getting his drain taken out Monday also. He has a drain in his tummy that lets the fluid and blood from his operation come out into a clear rubber ball. This gives them a good indication how the liver is healing. It was pretty red the first day and has gotten clearer and clearer everyday. Today there is very little blood if any draining into the ball.

Diane went home today to get a change of clothes and some odds and ends. While she was gone we were moved from the PICU side to our regular side. I also put him in the wagon and we took the same route that I would run. I pulled him down through Georgetown and over to the Key Bridge. He didn't want to go over the bridge the whole way but we did get some good pictures. I'll post them if I ever get home.. :D

I'll be sure to get bracelets out to all of you who ordered them in the coming week. I thank you for the outstanding response.


Anonymous said...

MIckey if there is a way for my kids and I to pick them up from you and Cody at YOUR house that would mean the world to us. This week is Spring Break for us and there is no greater present that we could think of than seeing Cody and personally being handed his bracelets. I realize this is our wish and I defer to you for direction!
Cody's Health Is Our Only Concern!


Gettin Older said...

I am so happy to hear about his continuing improvement, and I pray that things will continue in the same direction.


Anonymous said...

Staying the extra day sounds like a good plan! Then you'll be nested at home with no immediate return trip !!
Glad you boys got outside !
Cody is doing sooo well ! His fan club is all out there praying !
Prayers and positive thoughts continue ! G2G

Anonymous said...

What great news!!

With today being as rainy and gloomy as it is here in DC - I think it is a good plan for Cody to stay one more day. He'll be stronger and the weather will be better for his trip home.

Hugs to Cody, Pat (ACCA-NCC)

Anonymous said...

So glad that he is doing so well. Hopefully all will be well and we can swing by to see you guys before we leave for spring break trip to see Laura in Winston Salem.
Give my love to all.


Anonymous said...

I know you are all anxious to get home,but it seems so soon after all the Big Guy has been thru. Oh! I guess I'm old fashioned, I know
I'm old!!!!!I pray everthing goes
well from now on. Give Cody a big
hug & kiss and tell him it's from
Grandma. He sure is a brave guy.
Have a good Palm Sunday.
LOVE to you all,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he is getting better everyday. I know that you would love to have everyone home and together but it will happen soon enough. Praying that everything continues in the right direction, for strength for as Cody gets better and for the patience needed to wait for him to get better.

Susan and Jonathan

Dottie O said...

Monday sounds like a good plan. It's great that things are heading inthe right direction.


Monica Cassier said...

Mickey, I'm going to pop a check in the mail for an 'estimate' of what I think the bracelets/shipping cost. If I give too much, then keep it and donate it to the foundation. If I owe you, let me know - I'm sure I'll be ordering more... I'm actually going to get some for my daughter's tennis team... :-) Cody' is such a stud!!!

Such good news, I'm so happy for you all. Give Diane a big gigantic hug for me - one mother to antoher.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mickey, it's Alan (aka Rooster). Such great news that he should be coming home tomorrow! Cody is one awesome dude, like his Pop!!! Prayers being sent your way from Nazareth, PA!