Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Busy Few Days..

Sorry for not posting in a couple of days. I guess no news is good news right?

I was able to get another 5 mile run in this morning. It was great. Nice and cool, fresh air, what more could you want?

I had a busy day today. I rewired the electrical outlet on our back deck. The I ran over to my brother-in-law's new house to help cut up trees and clear the land. I will be over there tomorrow also. For as much as he and all our relatives and friends have done for us I could never repay them.

Cody has been doing very well the last few days. He is amazing. No treatments today or tomorrow so I'm loving it as much as he is. We will have radiation on Monday morning and maybe blood or platelets.

I have a picture from the Cody's Crew stand at the school yesterday. I'd like to thank Mrs. King , Mrs. Watts and all the others who helped man the stand. Mrs. Watts is one of Cody's kindergarten teachers. I will also post a picture of the BOP stand from the Kidsfest today.


BIG MO said...

I thought maybe you all had gone on
a trip somewhere but glad to hear that things are going well in the mean time and I know it makes you feel good to be able to do some thing for someone that has helped
you & Diane so much.OH! by the way
something that Candy and I were both thinking of and could you please give us an answer. Since you
are able to get some running in,
just what helps Diane when there is
so much STRESS, what seems to be
an out for her????? Now don't tell
me she just takes a good long ride on her,BROOM!!!!!!!LOL I really
don't know how you 2 are keeping
it together. I'll be anxious to
hear how things go for Cody on Mon.
Please tell all kids I said HELLO.
Hope and pray SUNDAY is another
very good day for all of you...
LOVE and KISSES to everyone,

Gettin Older said...

Great News about Cody!

I may be picking your brain soon concerning Chemo. My Dad starts his next week..

I'll keep praying. Is there anything Cody wants from Hawaii? I'm leaving tomorrow a.m. for a quick trip

Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are going well at the moment. Great! Live life to the fullest as best you can during this time. We'll keep praying for Cody and you and Diane and Justin and Daniela.

Susan and Jonathan