Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chemo starts Monday..

Diane took Cody to the clinic today. His numbers have risen enough to start chemo. She will be taking him in and up to the floor on Monday since it is a holiday. He should be finished on Friday. After his body recovers from that chemo he should be able to get the port... He is stoked about that.

Saturday morning we are leaving early and going to Baltimore. We are going to spend the day on a pirate ship. It sails out of Fells Point which right in Baltimore harbor. Need I say, "Cody is very excited about it. I will take plenty of pictures.

I did 5 miles this evening and I am back to my 8:30 average again. I'm feeling pretty good and I will start to bump the miles up very slowly. One thing I know for sure is that going too far too fast will almost guarantee an injury, especially for an old fart like me...


BIG MO said...

I'm very glad to hear that his #'s
are up so they can start the chemo
and get that over with and also make it possible to get the port.
I'm also anxious for Cody being
able to be on a Pirate Ship. I
will really be anxious to see those
pic's. God Bless the BIG GUY and I
hope you all enjoy that day together. Bob had me over to his place Wed evening to eat with him.
It didn't seem right with out JR &
June but it was fun. Going to bed
now and will check in later.
Love & kisses,

Anonymous said...

Glad things are on schedule with chemo starting on Monday. Pray that all will go well.

Sounds like fun on that pirate ship. Enjoy!

Take care of those legs and don't over do it!


Dottie O said...

Wow! Running is back- planning a trip to a pirate ship and chemo on schedule...

Enjoy the big weekend!


elizabethnyc said...

I can't wait to see the pix of Cody on a pirate ship. That's perfect. :-) Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Glad his numbers are up to where he can move forward with his treatment...

Mickey, you had some stats here on your blog a while ago about funding levels for peds cancers vs other types of cancers. Could you list those again, please, or leave them as a comment on my blog? I'd like to reference those on my fundraising page for MSKCC. Thx!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear his counts are up enough to start the treatment. Pirate Ship WOW that sounds like fun. I bet Cody is really excited about doing that. I can't wait to see the pictures. Have a great time.
Continued prayers of strength!
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the next time you make your way to Baltimore you gotta tell me!!! I am 45 min north!
Glad that Cody will be able to start his treatment again.

enjoy your weekend

Gettin Older said...

A day on a Pirate Ship!

Glad you are able to keep moving with treatment and it will be good to be able to get the port in.

I like the good news reports.

Anonymous said...

Shiver me timbers, Cody is raisin' the sails this weekend !! Have a great time !!, few pirate noises on this website !!
Glad the numbers are up and will pray for a good week ! Positive thoughts and prayers continue. G2G