Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting my legs back...

I've been able to fit running back into my schedule as of late. I ran 6 miles on Sunday and it felt pretty good. Since gas prices are just ridiculous I decided to ride my bike to the store for some odds and ends that I needed for dinner. That was about a 8 mile trip there and back. Yesterday evening I did another 5 miles and it finally feels like my legs are coming back. My breathing is not as labored on the hills either. Now if I can curb my appetite just a bit. I know I'm consuming more calories than I should. One step at a time..

Nothing has changed with Cody. We are waiting to start chemo on Monday we hope.


Anonymous said...

It's good you have this time so you can work those legs again. Things happen for a reason! Cody's delay has given you time for yourself that you wouldn't otherwise had.
We're still praying for Cody and the family.


Gettin Older said...

Good news on reestablishing your schedule. prayers for all are continuing. I hope you can enjoy this little break.

Anonymous said...

Mickey, I think it is great that you are able to fit some runs in again. I know that has helped me feel a little bit normal in this abnormal situation.

Continued prayers for Cody and the family.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Monday will all work out for cody and prayers sent.
Happy too that you let your legs out to play again!
It is good to "see" you on the forum too.