Monday, May 5, 2008

Good start to the week...

We expected that Cody would need blood and platelets for sure by now. Much to my surprise he seems to be holding his own on both. None was needed today. He has 4 more days of radiation and then he will start his next round of chemo, probably next week.

Today I discussed the option of a port with the doctor. For those of you who have had the pleasure of not knowing anyone with cancer, you may not know what a port is. Well, let me first refresh your memory on what Cody presently has. He has a double lumen. This a double tube that is inserted in to one of his main arteries in his chest and sticks out for easy access. This is where they administer drugs during his treatments. The disadvantage of Cody's setup is that you have to be very careful about getting water, dirt and germs close to the opening in his chest. Infections are always a problem. Every 24 hours we have to flush them or they will clog and we would have to go to the hospital to open them. With the lumen Cody can't swim or take shower or bath. Summer is a very hard time of year because he will want to be out playing and he will get sweaty. Sweat will get under his dressing and cause problems. That happened the first time Cody was being treated. He had to have his tube replaced. Cody is an extremely active boy so this is a big problem.

Most adults and older kids have ports instead. They are an access point that is under the skin. It is usually on the chest just below the collar bone. It doesn't have any of the problems associated with the double lumen. The only drawback is that Cody will have to get use to being stuck in that area. We will be able to put numbing cream on that location before he is injected. Here is a link that shows both.

I hope the doctor decides that it is OK.

The Relay for Life starts Friday evening and goes through Saturday noon. Cody and I will be doing the opening ceremony on Friday evening and then I will be running a few miles. I'm kinda excited about it.

Thank you for the continued prayers...


Dottie O said...

I think the port is a great idea. As Cody is a little older now it should be easier to explain the procedure for administering his meds through the port. Although the initial 'stick' will be something he has to get used to, the benefits for such an active "pirate" will probably outweigh the minimal discomfort. It might be something where he can participate in his own care,too, by helping to put on the local anesthetic when he needs meds. It might give him more of a feeling of having some control, too. I hope the doc sees your point of view on this.

It all sounds good.

Have fun with the Relay for Life.


Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be growing stronger, even those old legs and lungs are participating. :o) It is great that you both will be doing the opening ceremony for the race, we wish we could be there to see you both! Looking forward to all the pictures. I will be praying that the doctor thinks this through and that God's will be done. You all have my daily prayers for continually inprovement and strength. Love to you all. BigSis

Trish said...

I had both and the port is definitely worth the occassional stick. The stick itself is not bad and I imagine with numbing cream he won't feel a thing.

Anonymous said...

I've worked with both PICCs and ports, and from a medical standpoint, LOVE ports. The clinic should be able to give you numbing cream. Whenever I would prep patients for their port access, I'd always put a dressing cover (like the ones you use for Cody's dressing changes)over the cream so that it didn't get absorbed into their clothes. Also, the thicker you put it on, the better. He will be much happier with the port. It will be interesting to see if he gets less fevers with the port.....good luck!


Anonymous said...

I hope the doctor agrees to the port. It sounds like the best thing for Cody. With him being so active I couldn't imagine trying to keep him down to not get anything in the tube. Can't wait to see you both on Friday. Praying for ya'll.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

I too think the port is the way to go from what you've said. Let's pray the doctor concurs.

Look forward to seeing you and the family at the Relay on Friday.
Continue to be encouraged!!!! Prayers continue!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mickey, I just checked in to the RW Masters forum and figured I would check on your blog to see how Cody is doing. Have fun at the Relay for Life - if I was a couple of zip codes closer, I would enjoy coming out for it!

Glad to see that you are running again! I hope to be running again myself soon!

Bill (Rocket63)

Gregory said...

DeckApe & Family,

Just checking in from Seoul, Korea and like others have mentioned, good to see you on RWOL and you are getting some runs in. Also great to hear that Cody is doing well, too. More prayers for all of you!

Gregory (Pudov)

Anonymous said...

I hope things work out with the port. I know how Cody feels, Megan has a triple and is not thrilled with the idea of maybe having to keep it in over the summer.
Have fun at the relay this weekend!
Continued Prayers for Cody and entire family!

The 311 Boys Mom said...

My son had the port & it was a god send. THe EMLA cream works WONDERFULLY & whenever we're there & there'a a new Dx, my son is the one they use to explain it. he went in when a set of 4 yr olds twims were Dx one with ALL & one with AML (worst kind leukemia-bone marrow transplant list immediately)

Anyway, I thing it'll make EVERYTHING alot easier on all of you. PLus we went 2-3 months withoutheven gettign it flushed & it still worked fine.

we know of one girl who had hers replaced, she was hit with a softball in the port; she idn't know it was broke till they tried to access it & it caused no problems being broke (other than needing a areplacement.

We still have Brandon's at home.