Saturday, May 17, 2008

Very nice day..

We had a nice day outside today. We did a lot of work around the house. BigMan and his wife showed up in the afternoon and we were able to spend a few minutes together. I had a wonderful time and they were able to meet Cody. Unfortunately my wife was out running around at some stores and missed them by 2 minutes. Here are a few pictures..


Gettin Older said...

I think the middle picture is best, Cody is looking well. Those are a couple great people. I was glad to meet them when they came through Mississippi.

TiredMamaRunning said...

Looks like fun! And it's great to see Cody looking well, as Kirk mentioned.

-Karah (Kazz)

Raymond said...

Great photos Mickey. I've had the pleasure of meeting you and Mr. & Mrs. Bigman. Sugar and I spent an afternoon with them on our way from Myrtle Beach to Bradenton, Fl. Best wishes to Cody and your whole family.

Karen said...

Nice pix!!! The bigman making the rounds of RW masters forum!!
Hope all is well! Will you do the Annapolis 10 this year?


Anonymous said...

Love the pics...glad to hear that yesterday was good day. I know it isn't always easy for Cody or for the rest of the family. Praying that everything goes well in the next couple of weeks. We may not be able to check in often but wanted to let you know we will be thinking of you.

Susan and Jonathan

BIG MO said...

cfwbwiLike the homemade clock on your BLOG!!!Who came up with that?
Your friend is a BIG MAN for sure but I noticed you are the tallest. It was nice you got to visit even tho it was just for a little while.
Pic's were great & of course I love
to see our BIG GUY anytime. Will be anxious to see what you find out
from the doctors tomorrow and PRAY
it is all good news.
Cherie Lee & Jeff are so proud of JR and they wanted his Uncles to
know that he got the GOLD medal for
Western PA for the 300 Hurdles
and on MAY 22 will be going for 3
days to try for the state finales
at Shippingsburg, PA.. I can just
see Jeff smiling from ear to ear.
This is all Greek to me so I hope
the way I put it down sounds right
Will check in later and hope you all have a GREAT SUNDAY.

Anonymous said...

It seems like every time I'd like to stop by and visit, Mackenzie has a fever or a cold. Last week I guess her lunch didn't sit with her well and she decided to grace me with the contents of her stomach just as we had pulled into the driveway. So I'm gonna play it safe and wait a few days before I mosey on over. Hopefully by then Cody's platelets will be up. :)

Love ya,


Deck Ape said...

I ran it last year and if the stars line up correctly I'd like to do it again this year. They have a nice after race party.. Plenty of beer..