Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chemo day 3

As you all know, the first day went very bad. Cody was sick, sick, sick. Yesterday he did not throw up once. He did sleep most of the day and did not eat much at all. Today is a whole new day. He is back to his old self and running around the house. He has actually eaten pretty good today. I hope the next two days follow the same pattern.

Our very good friend Lori is coming in from Chicago tomorrow. She is Cody's girlfriend. If you have watched the Cody video you will see her hanging a Christmas ornament with him.

I have to give Detroit props. They are giving the Pens more than they can handle. If Pittsburgh doesn't win tonight they will be on life support.

A very happy belated Birthday to my daughter Daniela. She turned 8 yesterday.
A very happy Birthday to my wife Diane. I won't tell you how old she is...
Diane, I love you...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Diane and Abby!! Hopefully Cody's next few days of chemo will be like today.

Love ya!

Gregory said...

Hey Deck,

Been awhile since I checked in (sorry) but hope things are going OK and Cody is getting through this round of chemo with no setbacks! Thinking you your whole family and prayers will continue.

Gregory (Pudov)

Dottie O said...

Great news on the chemo! And Happy Birthday to Diane and Daniela.

Penguins take the lead...


elizabethnyc said...

Happy Birthday Daniela!
Happy Birthday Diane!

Hope you both have/had a great day!

Glad to hear Cody's eating well, and felt okay after yesterday's treatment. Here's hoping for more of the same! :-)

Prayers continue,

Anonymous said...

I know I am a little late, but
Happy Birthday Daniela!
Happy Birthday Diane!

It's been a little hard form me to check in as often but I hope Cody is doing ok today too. I know it isn't always easy. Praying for Cody to be well and healthy!

Susan and Jonathan