Sunday, May 11, 2008

What a day..

The relay is over... The weather was not the best but it could've been much worse. I'm disappointed in many of those who were suppose to participate. The whole purpose of the Relay for Life and the fact that it goes all night is to make the point that cancer never sleeps. Many people left early and others left when it started raining. I guess since they raised money it didn't matter to them that they left early. I am proud to say that the Progeny folks stayed until the end. I myself started walking at 3:30 am and stopped at 9:30. The whole Progeny crew was there until the end. I am so proud to be associated with them. Lori, Susan, Glen, Phil, Marie, Rachel, Shirley and Heath did a great job. I may try to recruit them for the fight against the beast. I personally didn't finish first but I'm proud of what we accomplished. I would like to thank all of you who contributed to the Relay. I've decided that now my focus will be totally on Band Of Parents. It is time that my efforts go directly to Cody. In no way am I trying to make it seem less of need for research in other areas but I hope that you all can understand what I am saying.

Unfortunately the pictures did not turn out very well. Only a couple turned out worth posting. Here they are.


Trish said...

It was good to catch up with Diane at the walk, and Tate really enjoyed bouncing with Cody. I pray that you get good results in the scan tomorrow. We continue to pray for you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures from Relay! Cody looks like he's really having a fun time... :-)

Your focus on Band of Parents is completely understandable, Mickey. You're putting your energy where you think it's most needed, and where it means the most to you and your wonderful family. Makes perfect sense!

Prayers continue,

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the pics from the relay. The weather didn't make things easy, but I agree with your point...beating cancer is not easy either. Great job on your fund rasing efforts. Just another example of your willingness to help and give back.

God Bless,

Tamara said...

Ugh, it's disappointing that some people just didn't "get it," but you stuck it, and I'm sure that's what matters to Cody. Proud of ya.

BIG MO said...

Good job, Cody and Mickey & all that helped. Too bad that we can't
get rid of all CANCER by just waving a magic wond..... The pic's all looked good to me. I'll check in again this evening.

Dottie O said...

Nice pictures, Mickey. Good for you to stick with the relay in bad it always seems to be on a rainy night.