Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quick update..

I took Cody in to clinic yesterday in hopes of beginning his next round of chemo. Although his platelets did rise some it was not enough to start this week. The doctor said that she was not worried and that she expects to begin next week. Diane will take him in on Thursday and we will start him on GCSF over the weekend. This will boost his Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) level and get him ready for the chemo. Neutrophil are what protects him from germs and getting sick. When I talk about him not being around other kids after chemo, that is when his ANC numbers are very low.

Cody has also made it very clear that he wants a port instead of his tubes. He wants to lay in the bath tube so bad it's driving him crazy. Dr. Abu-Gosh said that he can get one after he recovers from this next chemo. She doesn't want him going through surgery until he recovers from the chemo.

Well it looks like Pittsburgh will play Detroit for the Stanley Cup. It should be a great series. They are the two best teams in hockey right now so it will be great.


I love you!!!


BIG MO said...

Looks like it is more wait and see
and hopefully it will be for the best in the long run. I'm glad the
DR okayed the port and that the time will go fast for our BIG GUY.
As it was yesterday, I didn't have
my COFFEE yet, so later. Oh! I just
about forgot to tell you, Pittsburgh plans on bringing the
Marathon back next year on May3rd
You probably already knew that!!!!
LOVE from your 72yr old,,,,

Anonymous said...

Haven't been on in awhile but sounds like Cody is still holding his on and hanging in there. I'm so impressed by his strength and bravery being such a little guy. We should all take lessons from him. Yes, he has his ups and downs but he's a trooper!
Continue to hang in their family!


elizabethnyc said...

Hope Cody's numbers get where they need to be, and that he can take another step forward in his treatments!

Prayers continue for our main man Cody, and for all of you!

Grandpa John said...

Prayers going out and up for Cody and the family

Hey Deck, since I live near Detorit :) I think we should get a little wager going on who will win the "Cup" hmm Dare I say I am a Wing nut

May the best team win. Go Wings!!!


Gettin Older said...

At least the Doctor is listening and heard Cody's concerns for the port. Prayers that the numbers will come up and the treatment will go smoothly.

Hockey down here is of the minor league variety.

Dottie O said...

Great news on the port! And now you have a week of downtime to build some strength (all of you) and have some family time.


BIG MO said...

THANK YOU for the nice LADY BUG
card. Is that one of your drawings?
Came up with a great idea yesterday
This was the first birthday that I
didn't get a homemade card from my
sister and I always looked forward
to see what she would come up with.
I keep all her cards that she made in an album. Write more later,the
maintinance man will be coming later to change the filters in the
air & heating unit....

Dumb me I forgot to tell you what
idea I came up with..You can take
over June's job and make me a (B)
day card every year...Sound GOOD??

The 311 Boys Mom said...

I'm really happy to see he'll be getting the port. its such a huge thing. it allows for more normal-cy. More regular things, baths, swimming, & just getting dirty!!!

This will be great for Cody & all of you.......MUCH less room for infection!!!

Brandon has his sitting on his dresser......its been out almost 5 yrs & he has it on his dresser, next to his trophy's......my kids a freak