Monday, May 12, 2008

No chemo today..

They didn't start chemo today because Cody's platelets are too low. I will take him in on Thursday so they can recheck them. The scan this morning was not very conclusive. They think it looks like a blood vessel but they are not sure yet. I will have to talk with Diane a little more this evening to make sure.


gettin older said...

Sorry that there was no good news from the Liver Scan, but at least it was not Bad News. Continued prayers.

Anonymous said...

Sorry your weather was not better at the Relay, but what a great group you work with !! It rained at our Relay last year and was a bit sparse in attendance through the night. I think that's pretty normal. Most people aren't campers !
Hope the platelets are busy multiplying while I write !!

BIG MO said...

Seems like it is always ups and downs for our big guy. I still often wonder what goes on in his mind about all these things going on in his life.. He sure is LOVED by a lot of people. GOD BLESS CODY
I'll be checking in again on Tues.
You are all thought of often.....


Dottie O said...

Hope the scan shows growth in a good way- and that Cody can get on with finishing this round of treatments.