Saturday, May 17, 2008

Try again Monday...

Cody went back on pre-meds yesterday in hopes that we will start the chemo Monday. The meds are for anti diarrhea. One of the chemo causes that. Last round he was very lucky and didn't deal with that much. We will start them if his platelets have come up more. I'm not sure how long we will wait for them to rise but I know at some point we will have to move on. His platelets are not coming back quickly because his bone marrow is shot. All the chemo that his has gotten over the past months has taken it's toll.

We were getting ready to go out for dinner last night when we had a little episode. Justin was waiting for a friend to come get him so he could spend the night over at the friend's house. Cody didn't want Justin to go and was play boxing with him. He was really just laughing and playing around. Justin didn't want to be bothered and had to go get his things ready for the night. As he was trying to get away from Cody he moved and brushed Cody aside. Cody fell with his back to the door and scratched his back on the hinge of the door. Well that did it. He was in pain and pissed off. He was screaming at Justin and crying cause his back was hurting. He told me that we shouldn't let Justin go because he hurt him. Then while Diane was getting Justin out the door with his friend and his mother, Cody went upstairs. I was unaware at the time but he went to his brother's room and start knocking down all of Justin's glow in the dark planets that hang from the ceiling. His temper got the worst of him again. Diane and I will have to talk about how we will deal with this behavior.

I'm expecting a visit from a friend from the Runners World forum that I frequent. He lives in Jacksonville FL and is up here for a race tomorrow. He and his wife are going to try to stop by. When I went down to Kings Bay GA last August for work I drove down to meet him in Jacksonville. I'll post some pictures later.


big mo said...

These ups and downs, I guess I,m old & just don't understand, but I sure hope things get better for all of you.I'm sure it's getting to be more & more confusing for the
other two.When people say that better days are coming, I certainly
hope that is true for Cody & the
whole family.Do hope your friend from FL gets to visit and I'm sure you will have lots to talk about.
Hope things are better for the weekend & you all get to relax some
Till later,

Anonymous said...

GREAT DEAL!! I had the pleasure of meeting BIG MAN Mike and I know he will provide the needed good feelings for this weekend!! Cody will LOVE the big guy !!
It's a tough road you travel. Cody can't take his anger out on his brother and sister, but we sure understand why he's angry. I liked the suggestion from one of your friends about the "punching bag". Siblings often get angry with each other and need a healthy outlet.
They can ALL use the bag. They can put whatever internet picture or photo they want on it !!! Hmmmm. Maybe I'LL GET ONE !!!
Have a great weekend !
Positive thoughts and prayers to all of you. G2G