Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bad weather...

Yesterday we just missed getting walloped by a tornado. We had winds stronger than I have seen here for years. We lost half of one of our big oak trees. The power went out around 3 in the afternoon and just came on around 2 this afternoon. I went out and bought a 7000 watt generator which insures two things. 1. We will never be without power again. 2. We will never lose power again. Murphy's Law you know.. :D

Believe it or not, I didn't see one second of the game last night. Remember I had no power? If I had gone to a bar to watch it I probably wouldn't have been able to get back in the house.... :D The Penguins should be back again next year. They have a great young team... Actually we had a pretty good time playing Cody's favorite board game Monopoly.

I have to take him in to get his blood checked in tomorrow. Hopefully he won't need any blood. Next week he has all of his scans and tests. We are praying for a clean slate. That way he can begin his antibody treatments.

If you are looking for a new gift idea or something nice for yourself, check out the BOP etching link to the right of my blog. It is the big fund raiser for our group this year. They have some pretty nice ideas.

God is calling another angel... Stop in and give a kind word or two..
Marissa Monroe


BIG MO said...

Sounds like you folks had a storm
& a half.Never in a million years
could I have imagined that you were not able to see that game...
I think everyone is sorry that they
lost but they sure gave it a good try.Guess we will all have to hope
that 2009 is their year.Next is the Steelers turn to rattle our nerves. Hope and pray you'll be able to send us good news about Cody and his tests.I'll be checking
often. I just came up from washing
two loads of clothes & will be heading for bed.I did check out the
BOP etching link and there are some nice things that they make.
I'll have to decide and start saving up my pennies.

Anonymous said...

You guys should've came to my house! We had power! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought you had seen the game we didn't have any problem with power. I guess we were lucky. Quiet night at home, sounds nice! Have a good weekend! We'll be praying for Cody that the scans and test are clear.

Susan and Jonathan

Gettin Older said...

Mickey, thanks for sharing the link for Marrisa. It helps to bring me back to center.

Don't give up on needing that generator. I ran mine for a week and a half back in 2005. (now I need a new one) :)

Prayers for you Cody and the Rest of the Family.

Anonymous said...

Very sorry We haven't left a comment for a while. been a little busy, I always lift Cody up in prayer at church praying for good news on the blog. also JR is the WPIAL 300 intermete hurdles campion this year. Did not know if big mo knew or not But We LOVE YOU ALL GOD BLESS talk to you later. the Jacksons