Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rough weather....

We got hit by another bad storm last night. We lost power and a big oak tree.

We had our own "hanging chad' episode here. I found out today that I was in fact the high fund raiser last month at the Relay for Life. I received a nice shirt and gift certificate for Red Lobster. As I said before, this may be the last time I put this kind of effort into raising money for the Relay. My focus is going to be on BOP.

Here is a nice clip from MSK in New York. It gives you an idea how much they are trying to help the kids... You have to heal them mentally as much as physically.

I take Cody in for his MIBG tomorrow morning. As I said yesterday, "the CT scan came back good yesterday. We have still not heard anything about the bone scan yesterday. I will let you all know when we find something out.


Anonymous said...

WOW Mickey that video was incredibly touching. I am sitting in my office with tears coming down my face. What a great thing they are doing for those kids at that hospital! Thanks for posting that.
Prayers for Cody and family!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is coming back good results. Prayers for Cody still coming your way.


Anonymous said...

You're losing all of your trees! I wasn't able to pull up the MSK'll have to send me the link.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sorry to hear about the tree. That sucks! At least it didn't hit the house and you have the generator to keep the power going! Still praying for Cody and ya'll. Hope all goes well today!

Susan and Jonathan

Lori said...

Mickey-What a great video of how MSK takes care of the whole child. The smiles on all of their faces, kids and parents, is priceless. I hope the rest of the tests this week go smoothly. I miss you guys so much. Give everyone hugs from me.
Love and prayers,