Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 4 or 5

Cody has done so well this week. His strength continues to amaze me. Justin has really done well also. He goes in with Cody and they play video games and board games while Cody is getting his chemo. He has been very patient with Cody this week. I will take Cody in tomorrow to the main floor to get his final round. The clinic isn't open on Saturdays or Sundays.

I'd like to quote my friend Jim from ACCA. "Please call, write to your senators & tell them to support the "Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Act of 2008" which already passed the House. Senate is expected to vote on this bill shortly. Sorry I don't have the bill number. It would authorize $30 million a year over 5 years providing funding for pediatric cancer clinical trials, create a national childhood cancer database , and improve public awareness and communication regarding available treatments & research for children with cancer. This would be a big help & is specific to children. Please support this legislation. Another good organization in the fight is whose mission is to cure childhood cancer."

There is also neuroblastoma specific language included in the "FY09 NIH funding bill" legislation rounding Capital Hill right now. This is a segment taken from that bill. "NEUROBLASTOMA- The Committee encourages NCI to accelerate support for neuroblastoma research, with a focus on clinical trials for high-risk patients. Given the poor survival rate for children with advanced disease, the committee encourages NCI to prioritize support for all promising neuroblastoma research both intramural and extramural." This is very encouraging! Please, please, please take a moment to call or write your Senator and Representative. Almost all of them have web sites and phone numbers so what is stopping you?

I'll be working on that tree again this weekend. It is kind of like my personal test. It's kinda like a marathon. At first glance you think, "there is no way I can do this." But, when you keep going at your own pace, the next thing you know, you have made some progress. The next thing you know, you're done.

And as far as the putt-putt game goes, Cody lets me get one shot on each hole. If I don't get a hole-in-one he finishes that hole for me. :) I owe Daniela a game and some ice cream because there was some miscommunication the other day. I thought that she was out with her friend having ice cream and that was not the case.


Anonymous said...

Continued prayers your way. Hoping things continue to go well for this round. So your saying Cody kicked your *** at putt-putt. ;)

Susan and Jonathan

Gettin Older said...

Sounds like Cody is a Putt Putt Pro. I'm glad he is doing so well continued prayers and letters to my Senators and Representative....

Monica Cassier said...

Glad things are going well with are so good to your kids, Mick! Love and hugs to you all...


Dottie O said...

Is this the bill? How good of Justin to stay with Cody. What a great nbig brother he is.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Cody's chemo is going well! Thanks for the info to the legislation, you can bet I am going to put the effort to contact our rep.
Continued prayers!

GB said...

Just want to stop in and tell you that you are a family FULL of troopers. Justin and Daniela seem to be handling everything so well. No doubt because you, Diane and Cody are. I'm thinking of all of you!

BIG MO said...

I do pray that things keep getting better for our BIG GUY.What you had put in the blog Fri. made me feel so much better.I'm also glad that Cody & Justin are doing things together. I know that also helps you and Diane out alot.Please don't over do it with the running and also cutting trees
apart. Bob just called to tell me that they are bringing Junior back
from Ohio tomorrow and he'll be in the Health Center here next to our
building. He has been out there in Ohio ever since his operation over
3 months ago.Viv was staying at
their son Tim's house. At least
Bob & I won't have far to go to
visit him.I know he has lost alot
of weight because he has mostly been fed thru a tube.
I sure hope Cody soon will be able to get and enjoy some summer.
Until your next report,LOVE TO YOU