Monday, June 23, 2008


Even though things are going relatively well right now, this is a very stressful and emotionally draining time. This whole journey is just so unpredictable it just seems to beat you down. Just when we had a goal of Cody getting his port it was snatched away from him. Now it seems like his summer is just not going to be what we had hoped for him. He may have to start chemo tomorrow if his blood is up to par. If he does start tomorrow that means he will finish this round on Saturday. The insurance finally did approve the use of the medicine in IV form. He will get two infusions for two hours each for ten days, then the doctor will reevaluate. Viewing it from the "glass is half empty" view, they could've approved the pill which we purchased through the weekend. He wouldn't be hooked up to the pump for four hours a day. I guess I should be grateful for the IV meds.

On top of all this we worry about what is in store for Cody. We worry about how all of this is affecting our other kids. We walk a narrow line and try to keep our balance. I think the camp was great for Justin and Daniela. They both seemed calmer and more understanding of all that is going on. It's still early but I do appreciate it.

I over did it a little this weekend working on the tree. My back is a bit sore so I didn't run today. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.


elizabethnyc said...

Mickey, I wish I could offer words of wisdom - just a prayer for your strength and Diane's strength. It's a long road that you're travelling. Just keep drawing strength from each other, and from the very special moments along the way.

Glad Justin and Daniela had a good time at camp!

hugs to all,

Anonymous said...

Mickey, from my perspective I think you and your wife are doing an incredible job dealing with everything! I know how hard this is. Just remember there was probably a time in your life when you thought there was no way I could ever do a can endure so much more then your mind thinks it can.
Dig deep and find that inner strength, Cody and the family need you!
God Bless

Dottie O said...

Whatever you're doing it seems to be working- Justin and Daniela will be okay if you and Diane are okay.

Hold onto each other.


Anonymous said...

Mickey you and Diane are doing a great job. You have a lot to deal with and are handling it with flying colors. Praying for you all.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Good Morning,Little Brother
My prayer for all of you today is that you will take each little moment together and wrap yourselves in peace and calmness together. Fortify yourselves in Love and no matter how rough or turbulent that moment may be search for something good about it and hang on to that. You will continue to make it through this also even if it is moment by moment. Just as the kids had some time away to refresh themselves they are strengthened to get through a few more steps. You are not alone in this. Love, BigSis

Gettin Older said...

Glad the kids had a good time at camp. And, I'll echo the others taht you are doing a great job.

TiredMamaRunning said...

Mickey, you guys are doing an amazing job trying to keep everything balanced for your whole family. Glad J and D had a fun time at camp. Continued good thoughts and prayers for Cody.


209Mike said...

From an outsider looking in, you seem to be doing one hell of a job. I'm truly amazed and inspired by you, Cody and your family. Keep the faith. I'm praying for you everyday. God Bless.

- Mike (Stockton, CA)