Friday, February 8, 2008

Another good day...

As usual we don't know what is next except for the fact that he has to go into the clinic on Tuesday. He went in today and needed to get platelets so he and Diane were running late this afternoon. I think that he will get his scans late next week. I will let you know. Please pray for some major tumor reduction so they can operate soon. Here are couple of pictures from yesterday.

This picture makes me cry.... I can't imagine life without this smile...

Here is Cody playing his favorite game in the world..


BIG MO said...

I agree with you 100%. Hang in there Mickey and Diane and we'll
hope and pray all these dear SMILES
last much longer then us....After
all he has been thru, he has those
chubby checks and the devil in his eyes. Keep your chin up.I'll probably check in again before I
hit the sack. God bless you all.

christina said...

christina and scot brandon. want rrto say our prays our with you every day. cody has a great smile. it is the barrett smile. nobody for gets this smile. codys touch and warmth has been with us daily. brandon asks daily about codys report. i did one thing right in my life and that was to raise a good heart boy. that cares so much about people. this adverstity in your life will change you forever. daine my heart goes out to you everyday. we all shall live life like is our last. 20 years ago my mom died . life has been not the same but has molded who we are love your family.

Anonymous said...

That smile is genetic...! What IS that game ?? Does it involve PIRATES ??? Running with them again the end of the month. Any requests from the 3 kids ?
Running with the GATORS on the 24th. Hmmm....Not sure how UF stuff would go over at your place....Let me know !
Positive thoughts and prayers for shrinking tumors. Love to all. G2G

Gettin Older said...

That is a great smile. I'll continue to pray for him


BIG MO said...

That is a great pic of our big guy!
Did you all get to watch SURVIVOR??
I sure did and I'll be waiting for
next Thur to get here. Was up early
again this morning and now it's
shut eye time.Hope you are all sound asleep and getting ready for
another day.

Anonymous said...

Mick that is a beautiful smile with some mischief in the eyes. Prayers continue for healing & his tests this next week. Enjoy the positive things going on right now. Try to let go of the negative. Only God knows the outcome.

Monica Cassier said...

Photos are AWESOME. Love them. And he has a GREAT SMILE!
I'll keep praying for his recovery!!! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

WOW, you got to love that little face and smile. Again, the pictures are great and I look forward to seeing them each time I check in. My prayers indeed are that there is evidence of major shrinkage. Love you all, BigSis