Friday, February 1, 2008


This is why people go postal...... I think I got 2 hours of sleep last night. Cody napped from the time Diane left, about 5pm until 10pm. Then he woke up and watched TV until 12:30. He wanted to eat but they didn't want to give him anything because they didn't want the blood rushing to his stomach and causing problems. But after a patented Cody meltdown I went out and insisted that they let me give him something. Believe me his blood pressure was worse from the meltdown than any food could cause.... So he ate 3 graham crackers and a couple of chips then washed it down with a little apple juice. We finally tried to lay down and get some rest. Now for any of you who have spent any time at the ICU or PICU I'm sure I don't have to explain but for the rest of you here it goes. They have a couple of alarms that go off periodically here. OK, they have many alarms that go off periodically here. OK, they have many alarms that go off ALL NIGHT LONG here. There are alarms for the heart and there are alarms for blood pressure. There are alarms for oxygen level in the blood and alarms his breathing. The freaking alarms have alarms!!!! Sorry! I here by promise to NEVER complain about the noise on the other side of the floor. I'm going to go over there and beg for forgiveness and that they please let us come back................................................................................................................................. Oh, where am I? Sorry, I dosed off for a second... Anyway, besides the lack of sleep he did pretty good. He had a BM and it actually had form. It didn't look like diarrhea. The plan is that he will move over to the other side this afternoon. They are totally full and have to wait until they discharge someone. I'm sure he is going to be grumpy today but I will take it.. I just want him to feel better..

Thanks again for stopping by and I'll post more later...


elizabethnyc said...

Mickey, besides the lack of sleep, sounds like Cody's had some improvements? :-) Hope you're ALL able to get some rest!

By the way, I brought in the big guns, and have my Mom praying for you all too - she's got a much better line in to the Man upstairs than I have. :-)

Hugs to all,

Monica Cassier said...

Sounds like Cody is on the rebound. If he has energy to be grumpy, then he's fighting, which is GOOD!

Hugs and prayers,

Gettin Older said...

Man, I am glad you are able to complain about the noise this morning. Now, go get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hoping this is rebounding time. It's good that he is asking for food. Get some rest, Cody needs you as strong as possible. Prayers continue.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Cody is a little trooper...sounds like he's improving. Hope you get some rest.


Anonymous said...

At least today you were able to
make me laugh instead of cry......
Things seem to change every minute,
every hour, and every day and THANK GOD they sound so much better
today. Do hope you both got some
much needed sleep. There certainly
were a lot of comments yesterday.
As usual I'll be checking off and on all day long.

Dottie said...

I'm with Monica- if he's able to be grumpy that's great. I'll take a grumpy sick kid over a lethargic one any day. He's hungry too? Awesome!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that he wants to eat something & had firm BM. Those are promising signs. Hope you can get some rest. Cody has many, many people & church groups praying for him, you, & Diane. Keep the faith...

From a fellow ACCA member, Jim

Tamara said...

I am glad that Cody has enough energy to have a meltdown - and to eat something. That warmed my heart.

mysol said...

What a fighter! Cody, you put Rocky to shame! Keep up the good work.

Mickey & Diane - I can't imagine what you are going through. All without sleep. Prayers and strength your way. We are all pulling for you.


The Geetah said...

Hoping that Cody has another decent night and that his Dad's is good tonight too. I know what you mean about the PICU.

Anonymous said...

Having spent all my adult life around medical alarms I know what you mean!! People in ICU's need rest, yet we have not figured out a way to subdue lights and quiet the place and still keep patients safe. Hope you get sprung to the regular floor today.
Glad Cody is feeling good enough to complain !! Way to go CODY !!!
Prayers and positive thoughts continue. G2G

Anonymous said...

Like the others said, Cody must be doing better to put on such a good fight & asking for food. Hope you all got some sleep today. Here's hoping for a quiet night tonight!!!

Anonymous said...


Hope you were able to get caught up on some sleep. I continue to keep you all in my prayers. My Sunday school class of 5-10 year olds have been praying for Cody too.

kim (keepinon)