Friday, February 22, 2008

Got a plan....

Things started to fall into place yesterday. I wasn't real thrilled about having to drive into DC to talk to the surgeon yesterday. I'm kinda glad I did now. We have a better idea of that part of the process now. He told me that he feels the tumor is now operable. He is confident that it can be removed safely. He said that he will be removing the whole right side and part of the left side of Cody's liver. Cody will be left with 20% of his liver but that is OK. The liver regenerates so in a matter of weeks it should be back to full size. The doctor said that it has already started to grow larger because of the dead tumor cells. The liver seems to know when it needs to repair itself.

I also heard from Corporate Angel yesterday. They informed me that we have seats on a AOL-Time Warner jet on Tuesday morning. We will be going to a small hanger that is adjacent to Dulles Airport. No security lines or waiting in the terminal. How sweet is that? :D

Cody is really looking good. His appetite is still not the best but it gets better and better everyday. I'll try to get some pictures this evening and post them. I will be taking plenty of pictures next week also. A good friend at Georgetown has lined up tickets to see Lion King on Broadway for Thursday night. I've never been so this will be a good time for all of us. I guess they have things available at the Ronald McDonald House also. They try to make your stay as comfortable as possible. I think we will be staying close to the room on Friday because Cody has 3 or 4 procedures on Friday. One of the is them is the bone marrow test. They will extracting from 4 spots which probably make him very sore for a couple of days.

On the way home yesterday I ran over something on the road. Well, it's a good thing I was close to home because when I went out this morning to go to work my left front tire was flat. I put the spare on in the garage which was good. It's raining and very icy out this morning. I looked at the tire I took off and there is a big piece of metal sticking out of the tread.


BIG MO said...

I really don't understand all that is going on or about to happen but
if it sounds good to you and Diane
I'll be feeling the same way. I did
notice that several of your friends
have made good suggestions to help
Daniela and Justin feel more at ease. This BLOG has certainly made
it easier for me, not having to wait on phone calls.I pray for the very best for Cody and all of you.
I,ll be checking in later. The guys
are still working on these water
pipes and driving us all NUTS and
will most likely be here next week.
Best of everthing to all of you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the news about being able to remove the tumor. That is some of the best news this week. Praying for strength, health, and peace of mind.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

This is a good praise report! Like one of the other comments, I don't understand all of the medical stuff but good news is always welcomed.
You guys take care and travel safely. My prayers and thoughts continue.


Anonymous said...

Hey what's up I havn't been on in a week or so You guys are still in my prayers hope every thing goes well in NY I know it will. GOD Bless The Jacksons

Anonymous said...

Cody, you are going to love Lion King. My son, Brian,took me to see it in December. It is very exciting. Enjoy all the lights on Broadway.

Mom and Dad - deep breaths - your son is in good hands!!


Gettin Older said...

Sorry about the tire. But, I told the rest of the news to my wife, and she danced a little jig in the kitchen. Great news!


Anonymous said...


Glad things seem on track. As it turns out the race was changed to a "fun run" because of weather. I hope you guys have a safe trip, the Time Warner corp jet? How cool is that! Let ILNY, Runwest and me know if you need anything while your in the Big Apple. If you need some time to de-compress let us know and I'll join you for a run.
All the best to Cody and your family!

Jim (Parkrunner)

Anonymous said...

Most Excellent !!!! Tumor be gone !!!! Surgical excision--Yes !!
So happy to hear good news !!
Enjoy the Big Apple and the play. I know Cody will be exhausted with all the tests, but lots of naps and nutrition and the resilience of youth will prevail !!
Thanks for sharing. My Half Marathon with the Gators is for Cody on Sunday !!
Positive thoughts and prayers continue for all of you !!G2G

Anonymous said...

Try to enjoy the show while you are in NY,laugh and smile together it will be good medicine for you and Diane. Remember the Joy of the Lord is your strength. We are all praying that the surgeons hands will be led by God. Lots of love and prayers. BigSis