Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cool Dude..

Yesterday Cody asked me to take a picture of him. He asked me if he looked cool... Dahhhh, he is the Mack Daddy! I love that boy....


Skipper said...

Hiya 'Deck Ape', finally got a chance to stop by your blog.... oh, my, you have a sick little guy, I'm so sorry. Sounds like you've got a heavy week ahead.... good luck with that, I'll be thinking about you and your family, and sending lots of healing thoughts your way.

Gettin Older said...

Not only does he look cool, he looks tough. But, we already knew that. Y'all have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Daddy can I have a bike??? Cool is an understatement!!! but then I was cool at 5 too!

Take him to the Harley shop to sit on bikes for fun!

Hope all goes well and am still praying!


BIG MO said...

How ever you want to say it, COOL DUDE or HANDSOME GUY , THAT'S OUR
CODY!!!!!!! No wonder I slept quite
well,His picture was the last thing
I saw on the PC last night and the
first thing this morning......
We are all here for you guys. All
your family and as I can see by the
BLOG, many,many friends. LATER,

Anonymous said...

He is DEFINITELY cool!!! :-)

Praying for this week, Mickey!!


Anonymous said...

Cody is the essense of cool. And he's tough to boot. Praying for ya'll this week. Hoping you have a good day/night with everyone before you head out tomorrow.

Susan and Jonathan

elizabethnyc said...

Cody, rock on with your bad self... ;-)

Awesome photo, thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Cody looks like a little "Arnold". Kinda like a pirate terminator. : -) Nice pics.


Anonymous said...

How cute is he!!!

Mickey, hope you got the e-mail from my son, Brian, in NYC - he is a phone call away.

Hugs to Cody and special hugs to Mom and Dad for strength this week, Pat (ACCA-NCC)

NB Warrior said...

your little man looks so cute! I found your site through my google alerts on Neuroblastoma. My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 18 months. She will be 5 in April and is currently NED. =)

I am your visitor from Phoenix... I saw your tracker on the side so I thought I would let you know I was here. =)

I'll add you to my links if you don't mind and I'll check back on your fighter often. =)

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO CODY !! Way Cool !!
Good luck on your trip to NY. You are in the best hands possible and positive thoughts and prayers will continue. G2G

Dottie O said...

He is the coolest!