Saturday, February 9, 2008

My first loose tooth..

Bitter sweet.. Our little boy is getting older.. :D Cody lost his first tooth today.. :(


BIG MO said...

Oh! he is so cute...... How much
money did he make for the tooth????Yes, I like the BLOG because we can
get pic's of you all often and also
don't have to wait on phone calls.
Bed time,I'll catch up in the AM.
LOVE to all of you....

Monica Cassier said...

Did the tooth fairy come?

HOW GREAT!!! What a big boy!!!

corie said...

ewww, Dad, loose teeth totally skeeve me out....How much are teeth going for these days anyway?


Gettin Older said...

With all the stuff that he has to go through. I love hearing about when he can be a normal kid.

pwoodyj said...

Hey Bro,
Make sure that the Tooth Fairy has his or her shit together and knows how much Cody is getting unlike Elijah's tooth fairy in Maui when he got $23 by accident! He was happy as could be but mommy lost out on some coffee money! :) Hope all is well.
Luv, Shawn

Dottie said...

Sweet! Nothing cuter than those smiles with missing teeth!


Anonymous said...

At my house when someone lost a tooth...the tooth fairy brought a car! Just an idea for the next one! Oh or a pony is good!!

YOur kids are very cute!


Linda said...

gotta love the tooth fairy! gooo Cody!! =)

GB said...

I hope the tooth fairy brought him something good for both teeth! I remember when my oldest lost her first tooth. And when my older son lost his first 2 teeth at the same time. GREAT memories. Thanks for sharing yours, Deck.