Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hey everyone...

Today was a very special day. Cody had a rough time sleeping last night because he was so excited about the party today. The party wasn't until 2pm so all day long he was asking Diane if it was time to go yet. When we arrived at the school we checked in at the main office and Cody had hugs for everyone. He hugged the secretaries, he hugged the nurse, he hugged the principal too. He also had hugs for both of his teachers. He was so happy to be back in school. It was a very emotional time. Cody wore his mask and his camo skull cap. We brought some extra masks for the other kids if they wanted them. After Cody was settled in I asked him if he wanted to take his cap off. At first he said no but then changed his mind. The other kids were amazed and concerned but after we explained why his hair was gone they didn't say another word. It was like he had never missed a day. I stayed for an hour but had to go back to work. Diane stayed with Cody and finished the party. Dr. Abu Gosh said that when his counts are up there is no reason that he can't go and spend some time at school.

Well we have a bit more of a plan now. Diane received a call from Dr. Modack up at MSKCC. It looks like we will be heading up the end of next week. Right now it looks like we will be heading up on Wednesday evening and staying for about 7 days. The Dr. did mention to Diane that he thought that it would very strange for one tumor to shrink and a new one to grow. That statement made me feel a little better. We will decide in the next days how we are going to get up there. I look forward to meeting some of my running friends while up there. Hey RunWest, Park Runner, Liz and I Love New York. I hope to get a run in Central Park with you all while I'm up there.

I hope you enjoy the pictures...


Kati said...

Sounds good, Mickey. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for fungus!!!

elizabethnyc said...

Mickey and Diane,
Sounds like you all had a really special day at Cody's school, and a fun time had by all! :-)

Prayers in progress!

Anonymous said...

Great Valentine's Day !! Gives me a BIG smile!! Can't beat Cody's smile though !
Glad you are heading to NY. Be great to get more input from the physicians there and also to FE for some running !! That stroller should get a few miles !! Prayers and positive thoughts continue. G2G

Gettin Older said...

Thanks for the encouraging news. I'm glad Cody had a good time at school. Have fun in NY, and give Liz a hug for me...


Lori said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!
I love the pictures... I am so happy Cody was able to go to school today and celebrate Valentine's Day! I must say that I am AMAZED at how large the Valentine's boxes have grown since I was in school... back in the day we used shoe boxes or large kleenex boxes! :-) Wow. Keeping you all close at heart in thought and prayers. Sending hugs and love your way,

BIG MO said...

I really enjoyed the pic's of Cody
with his class and teachers. They all looked like they were glad to see your little shyster too. Saw the comment from Josh and if he does make it up there, please tell him that I said hello.Give the kids a late Valentine Hug for me and one for Diane too!!!!!! Time
for bed again and they are still
doing work on the water pipes in
the whole building so they will be
making noise early. Check in later.

pwoodyj said...

Hey Bro,
Great pics and wonderful to see Cody happy again. Friends always make things better. Prayers and thoughts buddy!
Love, Shawn

Anonymous said...

Love the pics Mickey, I am glad to see him so happy. Still praying for Cody and the family.

Susan and Jonathan

Dan said...

What a great Valentines Day present to see the big guy so happy. Best of luck in New York, I eagerly await good news from the big apple.

Dan Clarke

Monica Cassier said...

WONDERFUL photos and great news. While I'm not a doc, I thought the same thing: how can a tumor shrink but a new one grow? I'll pray for a good result.

Do you know I check your blog first thing every morning... and regularly throughout the day? It's like you are family to me. You, Diane, Cody, and the kids: you've become a regular part of my day.

Good luck in NYC! Hope you can run Central park - It's REALLY HILLY! I ran with ParkRunner and ILNY last june and it was a blast!

hugs, prayers to you all!

GB said...

Love the pictures and loved the recap of Cody's visit with his school pals. Very precious day! Thanks for sharing with us. I wish I could give Cody a hug, too.