Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A very quiet night......

We went to bed at midnight because he had to get his Pantamadine (spelling) which he must get once a month. This medicine helps prevent pnuemonia. He has to inhale the mist which is sometimes quite a chore. Besides getting up to go pee every two hours he did very well. We should be going home soon. If not today I would say tomorrow. Yesterday I mentioned about him having to learn to walk again. Well he put that worry to rest yesterday. Linda brought him a remote control car and Cody had it in the hall chasing all the nurses with it. He is a chip off the old block.... :D So much for worrying about walking...

Again, we are waiting for the results of his blood draw. They should be back around noon. We are hoping for a big jump from yesterday.

I would like to say "hello" to Sherry, Rob and their children Jenna and Brandon Will. They lost their daughter Ashlynne in December to neuroblastoma. Sherry, Rob and family have lived our nightmare and more. I hope they drop in and say "hi". My heart goes out to them... Diane and I were introduced to them by the fine people of ACCA. ACCA is an Air Conditioning Contractors Association that did a tremendous amout of work around our house when Cody was diagnosed the first time. They provided Christmas for the kids when Mom and Dad were busy dealing with Cody. We are forever indebted to them.

I will post more when I get more info....

I just spoke to Cody's nurse, Kelly. She said his numbers are at 470. She has to wait to ask the doctor if we can leave today. Technically speaking he must be at 500 but I think if they would do his blood again right now it would be 500. They draw blood at 4am so I know it is higher than 470 now. Cross your fingers....

1400 and we are HOME!!!!! He is playing Webkinz and chillin.... :D


Anonymous said...

While my coffee is (brewing) I'm
checking on Cody. Glad the walking
has been taken care of.....
Be checking back later.(after coffee) God Bless You All

Anonymous said...

Mickey, thanks for the nice words about ACCA. As you know Cody is our "adopted" child and all our members care so much for him and ask about him always.

I'm in Colorado Springs for the ACCA national conference - we had 3 inches of snow last night - tell Cody that I will make a snow ball for him.

Hope to read that you get to go home today.

Hugs to Cody, Pat (ACCA-NCC)

ElizabethNYC said...

Mickey and Diane,
I'm so glad to hear Cody's running around! He's spunky for sure! :-)

Hope he gets to go home today, and you can have some nice family time!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that he up and running around. Terrorizing the nurses is a good sign. Praying that the good health continues and that he gets to come home today.

Susan and Jonathan

mysol said...

Mickey & Diane - looks like Cody is making some nice progress. Glad he finally gets to go home, both for him and you and the kids. Said a prayer for "the little trouble maker" during my run this morning. : -


maranatha777 said...

Praying he can come home!!!

God bless,


Gettin Older said...

Good news!

I got an email from Caring Bridge today. The Wills are working through the loss as best they can and working on setting up a foundation for Ashlyne.

I'll have to check into ACCA.

Have a Good Day!


pwoodyj said...

Hey Bro, Great news and hope you are all home soon.

Love Shawn

Anonymous said...

Yea lets go home!!!! prayers your way!!!!


Anonymous said...


I was glad to hear form you, I think about Cody often. I wanted to let some time pass, while you were fighting this battle again, before we wrote in. Everyday we pray for Cody's remission and peace for your family. Please know that you all are never far from our thoughts and always in our prayers. Please let us know if we can do anything for Cody or your family.

Sherry (Ashlyne's mom)

Dottie said...

Yay! You're all home and together. Answered prayers.


Anonymous said...

Great news to here. I try look every day at the blog, but sometimes I get busy. You are still in are prayers God bless talk to later. The Jacksons

Anonymous said...

Yea!!!!!! Home sweet home !!! And back to Webkinz !!
Glad the numbers cooperated and Cody is up and running.
Glad you are all home together and hope everyone gets some needed rest!
Prayers and positive thoughts continue ! G2G

Anonymous said...

Just like the tiger says (GREAT)!!
the family!!!!!!!!!!!! Now we should all have a good nights sleep
and I suppose someone in the family
will be having a good run and it
won't be me!!! Will check the BLOG
in the morning.I still have to eat and then take a shower. Sure hope
all goes well and you get to watch
our show that starts Thur.night.
Huggggs & Kissses to all of you....