Thursday, February 21, 2008

Getting things in order...

We are starting to get things in order now. We will be flying up on Tuesday. I believe we will be meeting with the doctor on Wednesday. Cody has one procedure scheduled for Thursday and then 3 procedures scheduled for Friday. I haven't heard yet but I think we will see the doctor the following Monday to discuss our options after he reviews the results of the scans and bone marrow. I found out yesterday that I have to take Cody in today to meet the liver surgeon at Georgetown. I'm not sure why this is. He has already seen his scans so I don't know why we have to head into town again just to talk. As far as I'm concerned we can talk over the phone. Oh well.

Our son Justin is really not looking forward to us making the trip. The kids have never spent that much time away from Diane. I've traveled for work before so I think they won't miss me that much. Every night before bed, Justin asks "when are we going," and "how long are we going to be gone?" I think in the future, either Diane or I will make this trip with Cody alone. It just seems like that will be easier on the other kids.


BIG MO said...

Hope the talk with the Dr. is some
good sounding news. We are all still hoping and praying for the
best and will be here for all of you.I'll check in again later.

Anonymous said...

I know this entire process is hard for Daniela and Justin to handle, as it is for the entire family. They want to attach to you and Diane when times are tough and it is hard when your not there. I am sure you have thought of this, but calling them just before bed time might help, or even first thing in the morning.
I hope the news is good from the Doc today. Praying that Cody continues to strengthen and stays healthy. And for strength and peace of mind for you, Diane, Justin and Daniela.

Susan and Jonathan

Gettin Older said...

Hope the Dr's visit is encouraging, and good luck with the trip prep..


Anonymous said...

Hope the Dr. in Georgetown had words of encouragement.
There is no way to completely alleviate the loss of company Justin and Daniela feel, but I know your calls mean a lot. Do they have cell phones for pix and texts?
Positive thoughts and prayers of all of you ! G2G

Dottie O said...

Justin and Daniela are dealing with everything without the coping skills we develop over time. The cell pictures and text messages are good ideas to keep them connected.

Praying for an uneventful flight and good news on the tumors at MSK.