Monday, February 11, 2008

Well he did it again...

A second tooth came out last night. He had two that were loose on the bottom front and I think he helped the second one a little. The tooth fairy gave him $20 yesterday so I'm sure that was a major factor in getting the other one out. I don't have too much to write about the past few days. I guess that is a good thing. Cody is feeling pretty good right now. He seems to be getting the sniffles but that is actually something he has been battling for the past couple of years. He has had chronic sinusitis off and on for a long time. Diane has to take him in to clinic tomorrow to check his platelets. He will probably be taken off the IV feeding to give his liver a break. He seems to be getting his appetite back a little at a time. We had salmon for dinner and he had 3 servings. He has always liked salmon. He nibbled and snacked most of the day yesterday also. If I get some pictures today I'll post them...

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I found out earlier today that I will be taking him in on Wednesday for his scans. So, we canceled his appointment for tomorrow and we will kill two birds with one stone on Wednesday.

Here is a picture from earlier today. Notice anything different? :D

Here is the lost Hanna Montana picture.. :D "Cody letting his freak flag fly, wearing his sister's wig."

This is Cody and his cousin Chris. They are very close and Chris always stops in to spend time when he is home from school. Maybe Cody was doing his best Chris impression.. :D Chris has always been a big part of Cody's life.


Dottie said...

Heehee. Cody found a new source of income!

Good to read that he's getting his appetite back. I hop eyou get good news from the docs this week and that he keeps gaining strength.


Anonymous said...

Was out of touch over the weekend. Wow! I can't believe he's loosing his teeth already. And I have to say, if I got $20 for each tooth I wouldn't have a mouth of teeth. Glad to hear every thing is quiet now. Praying for good news this week.

Susan and Jonathan

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that Cody is feeling better. Brady also lost his second tooth this weekend. The tooth fairy handling the Chicago Metro area is not quite as generous as Cody's though. Hopefully, Cody's appetite will continue to improve.


Anonymous said...

$20 bucks...sweet!!
I'll give Cody some of Stephen's old tooth and we can split the profits! :-)

Glad to hear things are going well at home.

Jerry, Janice and Stephen (and Max).

Gettin Older said...

For $20.00 I'd be tempted to yank out one of my teeth...

Really glad to hear that he is eating well, and praying for the healing to continue...


BIG MO said...

Tell Cody I'll give him $20 if he just calls Grandma Johnson so I can
tell him I LOVE him and I'm proud
he is such a BRAVE GUY...... That
goes for his brother and sister also. Now they don't have to go to
pulling any teeth though.HA! HA!
Will check in later today.


elizabethnyc said...

Wow, I remember getting a quarter for a tooth - of course, that was "back in the day", i.e. about 4 million years ago when I was a little kid. :-)

That Cody grin is fantastic, and I'm happy to hear he's got an appetite - for salmon, no less. It's nutrient-packed, so that's even better!

Prayers continue,

Anonymous said...

Way to go !! Improving appetite and making money on old teeth !! That is real incentive to work a tooth loose !!
Hope you get good news tomorrow at the clinic.
Prayers and positive thoughts continue. G2G

mysol said...

Nice pics. So what Webkinz is he going to buy with the $20? : -) He looks great and it sounds like he is getting stronger. Hope you and Diane are getting some needed sleep time too.


ElizabethNYC said...

More wonderful photos! Thanks for allowing us this glimpse of your wonderful family! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a joy to see his little mouth!!! Isn't he so cute??? He's a big boy now!

As for the tooth fairy giving him $20, when I get dentures, can I get that rate? LOL!! ;-)

All kidding aside, cancer is not fun... it has hit the Plourde family (John, my hubby has colon cancer - at least stage 2 as far as we know). We have a long road ahead but we know who the Master is and He keeps us going!!!

God bless you and yours, Mickey!!!


Corie said...

$20 bucks??!! Is that how much they go for these days??? Talk about inflation!

Anonymous said...

So great to hear things are going better. I love the picture of Chris. I miss seeing him. Give him my best. I could loose a few teeth to at 20 a pop. Give kisses and hugs to all.

Love the

Monica Cassier said...

These are AWESOME!!!!