Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good Morning...

Since I don't give Justin and Daniela enough face time, here they are! I just got back from my 5 mile run and they are doing their Webkinz before the school bus gets here so I thought I'd get a picture.. Mom, they say, "Hello!" Cody has a teacher coming to the house today. They will start coming two days a week while he is home so he can keep up. Although I must say, he is very advanced for a kindergarten. I'll post more later...

A couple days ago we joined "Band of Parents". Their link is to the right of my blog. The title pretty much says it all. We are parents of children with neuroblastoma. We are part of a club that you really don't want to be a member of. If you don't know how terrible this evil disease is you will soon find out by following my blog. Although I don't want to post bad news, I feel I must raise awareness about this childhood cancer. Being a member of BOP we get updates on others who are going through what we are. At this time I'd like to ask for prayers of healing for the hearts of
Holly, John and Kiersten Moore. They have just lost their 5 year old son Carter to neuroblastoma. Carter was just diagnosed in June of 2007. This really shows you how fast and devastating this disease is. Here is the link to Carter's
CaringBridge site. God Bless You Moore Family!!!!


Karen F.S. said...

Hi Mickey and Diane,
I have been reading your blog daily since I found out about it in mid January. I was one of Diane's roommates in college during her Jr. year. We are invited to a bar mitzvah this Sat. and in lieu of gifts are asked to make a donation to a charity of our choice. I would like to donate to a charity to benefit Cody. I noticed that you just joined Band of Parents so thought that might be good, but I also thought about Make a Wish Foundation and the Candlelighters. I am glad that Cody is home now. Sending my best.
Karen Farmer Stein (

Linda said...

Cute picture! I'm so glad you guys are home! Take care!

ElizabethNYC said...

Hey there Justin and Daniela, nice to see you both! :-)

Prayers said for Carter and his family...

Anonymous said...

Mickey, love the pic of Justin and Daniela I missed seeing them this week. Glad to hear that Cody's doing well. And that he'll get a chance to catch up on school work. Prayers for health and strength.

Susan and Jonathan

Dottie said...

Love Justin's tee shirt!


GB said...

Hey Mickey, still lurking on your blog and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Just wanted to drop in and say hi.

BIG MO said...

I'm late getting on here today with
so many things going on. They are replacing water pipes and I had to
have my door worked on. They ended
up putting new handle unit on it
but I can still use the same key...
Justin and Daniela look good and
we LOVE them very much too. In the next week or so I want to get a care package off to all 3 of them.
Doesn't look like you have any trouble getting them to eat!!!!!!
Well what did you think of the 1st
Survivor show of this season?????
I really enjoyed it and I'm glad
they got rid of that guy tonight.
Soon time for bed.
Your old and getting older

Corie said...

LOL! I love Justin's shirt! I need to find one for Josh! Glad to see everyone's getting a chance to catch their breath....


The 311 Boys Mom said...

Great to see all the new pics!!

Thank you for sharing the 2 links. I will be making a donation & posting it on my BLOG to hopefully bring a little more attention to it & I'm emailing it to my address book.

Gettin Older said...

I love Justin's shirt. He looks like he is cut from the same mold as Michael (my middle son)... Y'all have a good day and I hope Cody's appetite stays up.