Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good morning everyone!!!!

Well we had a pretty good night. Cody fell asleep around 7pm and slept through the night. He did have to get up about every two hours to go pee. They are still giving him antibiotics until his blood numbers get back to normal. I don't have the numbers yet but I will post them as soon as I get them. He will be getting platelets today also. Hopefully this will be the last he will need until the next chemo or whatever is next.

He is such a little shyster. I've been trying for weeks to clip his nails but he hardly ever lets me do it. This morning I thought that I would offer him 25 cents for each nail he would let me clip. Well you know he took me up on that offer. It cost me 5 dollars to do all his nails. He has been selling his bubble gum for 25 cents a piece. Linda, who does artwork and plays with the kids up here brought him bags of candy so he could sell it. He sells it to all the doctors and nurses who come to see him. Cody says he is saving his money to go to the beach. He has also told me he wants to go back to Disney World. We went there for his Make-A-Wish. We had a great time. That will have to wait until he is back on his feet again...

I got my 5 mile run in this morning. It was in the upper 30's but very nice. I even wore shorts, which was nice.

I'll post more later......

I just found out that Cody's ANC level is now 204. Wow!!! After being 12 yesterday that is not too shabby is it? When he comes back, he comes back! I havn't spoken to the doctor yet but I would say he is going to come home by Tuesday if his blood continues to recover like this... :D


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that he is making money and you are getting to run,
Of course, being called a shyster
made me laugh. Him feeling better must have given you more strength
in your run.This great news has already
made my day!!!!!!!!!!As usual I'll
be checking the Blog over & over.
LOVE to all,

elizabethnyc said...

Mickey, it's good to hear some fun in your virtual voice, and I'm so glad to hear Cody's got enough energy to be doing bubble-gum-arbitrage. I see a future on Wall Street for Cody... ;-)

hugs to all,

Monica Cassier said...

Tell Cody I'll buy some candy from him. What's he got?


Dottie said...

Heehee. Way to go Cody!

So good that you got a run in, too.


Anonymous said...

Evidently, I checked your blog too early yesterday. Glad to hear that Cody is out of the ICU and to boot in a nice large room. Cody is too funny...can't believe he conned you out of $5. Glad to hear you're out and running again. Hope the rest of the weekend is as good as the beginning.

Susan and Jonathan

pwoodyj said...

Hey Bro,
Glad to hear that the little man is doing better! He sounds like a shrewd business if you ask me. Good thoughts and prayers still coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the good news. Cody must get his wheelin' and dealin' techniques from good old Dad. :0) When you get another chance take a run for me, I'm sure it will do my heart some good to know you are getting some release. Hope Diane is able to something that makes her feel good. Tell Cody to save some candy for Aunt Candy to buy. Love Always, BigSis

Anonymous said...

Hey Mickey,
Just wanted to let you all know that we are thinking about you all and keeping you in our prayers.

Tina, Leah and MyAsia

Anonymous said...

Way to go Cody, you keep on fighting and we'll keep on praying.
Seems like you are quite a money
maker too. We all LOVE YOU so very much. I'll check again, later.

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO CODY !! Empire building !! Got chocolate ?
Glad to see those numbers up !!
Positive thoughts and prayers continue ! G2G

Little Bro said...

Just a little love from the all of us down here. Glad to hear Cody's counts are coming up. With all our prayers he will back on his feet again and we can't wait to go to Disney with you guys this year. Love and lots of prayers from the florida crew.

Ann said...

Catching up on how Cody and your famly is doing. Your Cody sounds like one smart 4 yr old. Cody and your family are in my prayers.

Josh said...

If you can, give me a call later today, whenever you read this I guess, anytime past 3, I have an idea