Monday, February 4, 2008

The down side...

If Cody gets to come home today or tomorrow he will have work to do. This past chemo has kept him bed ridden for weeks now. He will now have the hard task of walking again. He has very little strength in his legs and cannot stand for more that a couple of minutes on his own. Eating and walking will be the main focus for the next few weeks.

I'll post his numbers as soon as I hear from Diane.....

I just spoke with Diane. She said his numbers went down to 172. I'm not quite sure how or why that happened but it did. So, it looks like he will be in for at least one or two more days...


Anonymous said...

He's a fighter. He will do it, even if it isn't easy. Praying that he comes home soon.

Susan and Jonathan

Gettin Older said...

That Dad, is something I'm sure you can help him with. You both have more strength than I could ever dream of.


Anonymous said...

Cody is definely your son, Mickey. You two have the strengeth to do it all, along with Diane. Your prayer circle in on going! Thanks for the picture too. It nice to see Cody!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures ....good to see that you are all able to get outside a little to enjoy the beautiful weather.
Love and Prayers,
Lori R.

Monica Cassier said...


Cody is a fighter and he will keep fighting that good fight.

Thnaks for sharing the pictures - you look very thin. As much as you've been griping, you can't see it!

You and Diane look good - if tired, which is to be expected. I think you are both the most heroic, focused, determined people - what you do for Cody on a daily basis is superhuman.

Hang in there both of you, hugs all around!

Dottie said...

OK- so it's a small setback, but there's still forward progress. The downsides make the upsides sooooo worth it.

Love and prayers,


Anonymous said...

It's MOM and I've checked in quite
a few times since 6:00 AM this
morning and just now able to take
a break to say how great it was to
see the pictures of you 3 outside
with our big guy. Will check again
later.. LOVE to the whole family..


Gregory said...

Hey Deck,

Checking in again and good to see Cody outside, making money and his blood counts coming up. Ran a 10km race this past Saturday where the proceeds went to the "Little Angel Foundation" (helping kids with cancer). Ran a PB and thought of Cody when the going got tough in the final couple kilometers! Continued prayers and hope he gets home soon!

Gregory (Pudov)