Thursday, December 20, 2007

Afternoon Surprise..

I received a call this afternoon from Diane. She said that I needed to mop the floors. I said, "how in the **** am I going to mop the floors when I have to be at the hospital this afternoon?" She said, "you don't have to come in because we will be home this evening." That was a pleasant surprise. So I got home and did the floors so now I'm watching the Pitt vs Duke game. It's not looking good so far.

Cross your fingers and knock on wood, we will be home through the holidays....

Just feels good to be home.

Mom playing a video game.

You can't hide from the flash.... :D


Trish said...

Awesome News. You guys are always in my thoughts.

- Trish

Dottie said...

That's a million dollar smile on his beautiful face! Enjoy this down time with the whole family together.


Anonymous said...

Swabbing the deck. Just like old times. Great news!

Eric W.

Gettin Older said...

Wolfman beat me to it. Way to clean those floors sailor.. ;)

Glad y'all are home, enjoy the holiday


ElizabethNYC said...

Gosh, that's wonderful to hear, Mickey and Diane! It's always nice to be at home for the holidays... :-)

Monica Cassier said...

So glad you'll all be together for the holidays!!!


pwoodyj said...

Hey Bro,
Glad to hear that Cody is home and hopefully you guys can relax awhile! It might a good time for you go for a run and relive some of that stress. It was good talking to you on the phone even though it was short call. I look forward to a longer talk later. Great pics of Cody and Diane! I had to work lat night and missed the Steelers game but I'm glad the right team showed up this time. I just hope that Cincinatti beats Cleveland this weekend. I can't believe that I just wished that Cincinatti would win a game, I hate them with a passion! To bad one of their guys don't break a leg. Talk to ya later! Love ya.

pwoodyj said...

Hey bro,
It just goes to show you that you should not try to write a letter with kids running amuck in the house! Sorry about the type o's and I did not want you to re-live your stress but relieve some of it! The kids are whinning and saying that they are starving and yet they have idea what starvation is! Calgon take me away!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Christmas present to have Cody sent home!!! Enjoy the holiday and make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to all of you !! So glad you will all be home !! Great pix, thanks for sharing !!
I'll have to look into the whole webkinz thing !!! My kids have gotten too old to keep me in the loop !!
Run a bit Deck. You owe yourself a few miles.
Love and prayers to all of you ! G2G

Michelle said...

Great news! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

~Mishy (RWOL)

Anonymous said...

Mickey this is great news! Glad to hear it. Enjoy the family time together.

Susan and Jonathan