Friday, December 7, 2007

Some great pictures..

Cody had a pretty good day today. He ate well for me and seemed to have plenty of energy. Here are the pictures I promised.

The kids playing a new game. Justin and Daniela were so happy to be with Cody. Cody seems to have trouble with all of this. It's hard to tell what he thinks.

His hair was falling out in clumps so it was time to cut it off.

He's painting his ginger bread house.

I had to sneak a kiss. He's always playing hard to get. He gets that from his mother.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mickey - nice pics you couple of handsome devils! Reminds me of giving Cam his haircuts with the buzzer and then having DW give me a matching cut! I hope you got the card Cam made for Cody (I think DW dropped it in the mail Mon or Tues).

Be strong! Continued thoughts for Cody, you, and your family.

Bill (Rocket63)

ElizabethNYC said...

Mickey, I'm glad Cody had a good day today. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Cody must appreciate you shaving too. :-)

I'll run some miles for you this weekend.

Prayers for you and your wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. thanks for sharing. I'll be out there praying this morning...


Monica Cassier said...

Hey Mick! Love the pictures!!!! You look great with your new 'do! Hugs and kisses for Cody, you and especially Diane. Tell her I think of her often and pray for her continued strength.

runnergeel said...

Great pix!!!! Handsome duo!! You and your family are on our minds....Morgan wants to know if Cody is coming to our house?? hehe I said maybe someday! Anothere day trip maybe!!
Spirits up please....we continue to pray for Cody.


Anonymous said...

Great Pix Mickey !! Love the new "do" for the two of you. Very low maintenance !!
Sure hope Cody gets to go home soon.
Continuing prayers and positive thoughts for Cody,you, Diane and the kids ! G2G

Gregory said...

Hey Deck,

Great pics there and love the new hair "dos" on both you and Cody! Also made me smile to see the Steel Curtain shirt on Cody!

Hang in there and continued prayers from Korea!

Gregory (Pudov)

GB said...

Mickey, GREAT haircuts for both of you! ;)

Been thinking about ya'll, and praying.