Friday, December 21, 2007

Know the truth....

Cancer accounts for the greatest number of disease
deaths of children in the United States and kills more
children per year than cystic fibrosis, muscular
dystrophy, asthma and AIDS combined.

Each child in the U.S. diagnosed with
cancer receives approximately one-sixth
of the federal research support allocated
to each patient afflicted with AIDS. Yet in
2004, 48 new cases of pediatric AIDS
were diagnosed vs. more than 12,000
pediatric cancer cases.

Each school day, 46
children are diagnosed with

The National Cancer Institute's (NCI) federal
budget was $4.6 billion. Of that, breast cancer
received 12%, prostate cancer received 7%,
and all 12 major groups of pediatric cancers
combined received less than 3% .


gettin older said...

What can we do to help change the numbers?


GB said...

What are some signs to look for in children? What did you notice in Cody to alert you that he needed to see a doctor? When you get the chance, can you please share that info? Thanks so much, Mickey!

You all are still in my daily prayers.

Lori said...

Hey Mickey-
Although I don't post a note here each time I visit, please know I am checking in on you daily. I continue to keep all of you close at heart in my thoughts and prayers. Please give Diane, Cody, Justin and Daniella hugs from me. I miss you guys so much.
Hugs and love,

Anonymous said...

For those asking about how to change the numbers and support childhood cancer research here are two websites to check out:
You can write a letter to your congressman to support the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act
Here you can write another letter to congress to support the childhood cancer stamp

Both of these websites have great information and valuable resources. The Gold Ribbon is for Childhood Cancer Awareness. I know many kids who want the gold ribbon to be just as well known as the pink ribbon. We each have the ability to make a difference... wear the ribbon, write a letter, spread the word.