Thursday, December 27, 2007

Enjoyed it while it lasted...

Like the old saying goes, "we enjoyed it while it lasted." I went to work yesterday and was able to get something done. You know how it is when there aren't that many people in the office and less distractions. Diane took Cody in for blood and platelets. We know he would be getting both so a long day was in store. So they finally get home about 8:30 pm and he was very grumpy and tired as was Diane. He had his dressing changed to top off the day and that is not one of his favorite things. Diane said he kicked and slapped her multiple times yesterday. He is just so tired of being touched and poked. When they got home he came and sat with me at my computer. We played "Sid Meyer's Pirates". That is his favorite PC game. I noticed while holding him that his head felt warm. For those of you who are parents you know what it's like to constantly smell and kiss your child's head? It's hard to explain. Well anyway it's easy to tell when they are hot especially when they have no hair. :( So I asked Diane to take his temperature and to no surprise it read 38 C. I know, "what is that in English please" you say? 38 C is equal to 100 degrees F. That is the magic number for Cody when he is at this stage of chemo treatment. So at 12:00 midnight we headed back to Georgetown.

They had our room ready for us when we arrived. We know almost all the staff here on C53. The nurses and doctors know Cody very well. He is such a tough character that they all try very hard to get on his good side. But, even when on that "good side" you have to respect when he doesn't want to be bothered. He makes it very clear when he is not in the mood to be messed with.

To top it all off, Daniela has been complaining that her throat was hurting for that last couple days. She hasn't had a fever but we have been very careful to keep her away from Cody. Before Diane got home yesterday I called and made an appointment for her at our pediatrician. The appointment was for 8 am because I thought that it would be me taking her and I wanted to be home quickly so Diane could go to work. Now she has to take her and I haven't heard from her yet.

Well, as I said in the title, "we did enjoyed it while it lasted." We got almost 7 days at home after the last chemo which is quite remarkable. Hopefully his high temp goes away and we can get home soon. We know a trip to New York is in our future very soon. Unfortunately it's not for pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Mickey, what can I say. Sorry Cody had to be admitted, hopefully it will only be for a short time. I'm so glad he was able to be home for as long as he was. I continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith.

Kim (keepinon)

Anonymous said...

This is a roller coaster of sorts. The ups and downs, excitement of good days and fears of the not so good ones. I hope Cody is feeling better by tomorrow. Perhaps he can be home for the weekend. You are all so strong. Wish I was closer to help and not just send notes. I look forward to the time for you when all are healthy. You always have a place to visit at the beach ! Prayers and positive thoughts continue. G2G

Monica Cassier said...

It's not for pleasure... but the ends will justify the means... Hang in there Mickey. we are all thinking and praying for you... I wish you didn't have to go thru this.

Dottie said...

Hopefully Cody will be home soon and Daniela will be over her illness, too. I know y'all are spread pretty thin right now, but you'll get through it.

Hugs to all of you,


ElizabethNYC said...

Mickey and Diane, thoughts and prayers heading your way as always!

I'm going to pretend I'm ILNY, and say that if you need recommendations for the best bagel or coffee or NY pizza in MSKCC's neighborhood, let me know. :-) That's my old stomping grounds.

hugs to all,

mysol said...

Simply thinking of you guys. Just remember that there are many of us "out here" praying, thinking and pulling for you. You are not alone.