Monday, December 10, 2007

A team was destroyed alright, but,,,,,

It was not the team I wanted. :( OK, I'm over it.. Back to real life.

Man, I'll be glad when Cody gets to come home. It is just so hard to get anything done at home or work. I have a big government audit this week. I will have to pay bills this week. And, I've got to get a few groceries in the fridge for the kids. We have a wonderful group of people that have been helping us out. Friends from my work come over and help Justin with his school work. He needs all the help he can get. Diane's family comes by and gets the kids off the bus and stays with them until we get home. To top it off it's not like there isn't anything else going on this time of year. ;D There is not enough time in the day, and that is the truth.

Cody had another very good day yesterday. He continues to feel better and eat better. We are still waiting for his blood numbers to start coming up. He will not be aloud home until then. I'm hoping that he won't have to start his next round of chemo until after Xmass. It all depends on how soon his body comes back from the first round.

I thank all of you for the great cards and well wishes that you have sent to Cody. I promise to drop you all a note when I get a chance. We take the cards and stuff into him so he can open them but then bring them back home so we don't have a ton of stuff to carry out when he leaves. He loves the hand written cards from the other kids. They are the best!!!

Thanks again,


Ann said...

Mick, Your blog is a daily reading for me. I'm always anxious to see how Cody is doing. I haven't gotten a pkg or card to him, yet, but I will. It's great to hear how so many are helping your family out right now. Still praying for Cody and your family. Ann

Trish said...

Mickey - I know how hard it is to do the everyday tasks - don't be afraid to delegate some of these tasks out. I can do your shopping, I can get your car inspected, whatever you need. We are praying for Cody.

Trish Lang

gettin older said...

I'm a little far away to much other than pray. But, You know I'll keep doing that. I love hearing good reports. And don't worry about the Steelers. All I have to root for is the Saints. I should get some sympathy for that....

Janice Yun said...


I left a message for Diane today as well, but I know you are both so busy. Since I'm self-employed now, my work time is very flexible. Please, please let me know how I can help with chores, etc. I would be happy to do your holiday shopping and deliver it to the house, help with the kids, whatever you need. I've told Diane that if she needs me with her at Georgetown, I am there. She asked me not to come for now, but I am on standby--just call. I read the blog daily and have passed it to some others such as my parents, my sister, Emily, and Jerry R. so that they can stay updated. We love you all and want to help. Janice

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Cody had another good day ! I think of all of you every day and wish I were closer to help in some way.

Prayers and positive thoughts continue. I'm hoping for good lab reports this week for Cody !!

Kati said...

The news is encouraging! I look everyday to see how Cody is doing.