Monday, January 7, 2008

Another good day dispite...

the Steelers loss. I know I don't have to tell you that I was not very happy with the outcome of Saturday nights game. The Steelers are beat up. They have much work to do this off season with replacing offensive lineman and special team. Big Ben needs to remove that stickem from his throwing hand so he can learn how to get rid of the ball a little quicker.. OK, I'm off my soap box now back to real life... :D

We had a pretty good day yesterday. The special person I mentioned yesterday was none other than "Hanna Montana". For those of you who don't know who she is, her real name is Miley Cyrus. If the name Cyrus sounds familiar that is because she is the daughter of "Billy Ray Cyrus" who sang (Achy Breaky Heart) back in the 90's. Her tickets are one of the hardest tickets to get right now. Anyway, she is in DC to do a show at the Verizon Center tonight. Now I have to be honest with you, until the ride home from the hospital yesterday I've never heard Miley sing. She gave Justin and Abby one of her new double CDs. She came by on her day off to see the kids at the hospital. This was by no means a publicity stunt. She wanted no press there and we were not aloud to bring anyone besides parents and siblings. She posed for pictures with everyone and signed autographs down at the clinic. Cody had to get his blood work done so he didn't get to see her down there. Diane took him up so they could start that while I watched the other two. As soon as pictures were taken with Hanna we went up to the room to wait for Cody's stuff to get finished. We were only up there for a few minutes before Hanna and her group made their way up to the floor where the patients were. She stopped by every room and posed for pictures and even put a gown and mask on for patients who were in isolation. When she got to Cody's room he was hiding under his pillow. He was playing hard to get and Miley loved it. Her mother was with her and she turned to her mother laughing. She said, "this is how all the boys act around me mom." Everyone laughed as I wrestled Cody to get a picture with her. Miley and her mother are very nice and down to earth. At a time when you read about Briteny and all the other famous stars getting into trouble it was very refreshing to meet Miley. Like I said, she wasn't doing this for a photo op. Speaking of photos, I forgot my camera because we were rushed to get there on time. Luckily they are going to get me a CD with all the photos on it and I will post them as soon as I can. I was telling my kids on the way home yesterday how lucky they were. I told them that "people are paying literally thousands of dollars to go see this girl sing and will only get within 100 feet of her. You guys got to touch her and have your picture taken with her." A pretty good day huh?

Still no word on when we are heading up to NY. I guess we will hear more today or tomorrow when I take him into the clinic. I will be sure to let you all know....

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a great experience for all the kids! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Susan and Jonathan

Gettin Older said...

That is cool and I'm glad to see that she still has a good head on her shoulders.

Looking forward to seeing pictures

Anonymous said...

Wait till I tell the grandkids about this they are going to flip, but I read the bog every other day. That is a great exp. for the kids, bless us guys all of you are in are our prayers especialy Cody. love you
brother -in-law jeff

Lori said...

I always knew you guys were Rock Stars! Cheers to another good day! (despite your Steelers)
Hugs to all,

Anonymous said...

WooHoo ! Cody may not know what a coup a pix with Miley was, but I'll bet Daniela did !!
Glad Cody was feeling well enough to be coy with Miley !!
Sorry about the Steelers...
Prayers and positive thoughts continue ! G2G

Dottie said...

What fun for the kids in spite of having bloodwork. I had heard a lot of positive things about Miley, too.

Keep those smiles!


ElizabethNYC said...

Gosh, what an amazing experience for the kids! Also nice to see someone who's gotta be phenomenally busy like she is, taking time to make someone's day.

Keep us posted about NY!

hugs to all,

Anonymous said...

WOW - what a day!! How very exciting for the Johnson kids.

Hope the reports from the clinic are as exciting as the visit with Miley.

Hugs to Cody, Pat (ACCA-NCC)

pwoodyj said...

First of all, "What the hell was Tomlin thinking when they ran the ball 3 times and what's up with the extra point crap"? I have to say that they did better than I thought the would, being banged up and all! Enough about that.
Sounds like there are still a few good people left in Hollywood these days. That was quite a treat and the kids deserve it. We can't wait to see the pics.
P.S. Did you see that Chet Welch from Ford City is going to be on the new Survivor? Gimme a break.
Love ya, Shawn

The 311 Boys Mom said...

hey, look what I found!! NOt really publicity, but a little I guess.

I do think its cool when they jsut pop in & you have VERY short notice. We were once called to see if we could meet Steve Yzerman (Detroit Red Wing) for dinner, then he sent a car for us.& when Brandon & I got there it was 5 red wing players, all very cool. & MAltby remembered Brandon from his visit to the hospital--it was the first time he had done the hospital thing (Maltby) & remembered BRnadon because they talked hockey. Darin MaCArty remembered him from befoer he was sick at a5 day summer hockey camp & it was the coolest thing ever!!! I felt liek the odd ball. . . .the only girl :o) in hind sight, I shoulda had my brother or dad take him, I jsut had no idea & thought it'd be a bunch or a few kids from Chrildren's Hospital & it was just us. THe Red Wings aren't Miley Cyrus popular, but here in Detroit, the Wings are STARS. :o)

But this is you guys--you're hospital:,,20169925,00.html

AND I'm so glad they included the siblings!!!!

Gregory said...


Good story about Miley Cyrus (although like you, I have no idea who she is as I'm a little out of touch with pop culture back there) and glad to hear it was a good time for everyone! Look forward to the pics!

Continued prayers for Cody!

Gregory (Pudov)