Thursday, January 3, 2008

Up to speed...

Cody had CT scans today. The results came back as good as we could have expected. The doctor said that the tumor is half the size it was at Thanksgiving. Before, they could not see the major blood vessel that runs through it. Now, she said they can see it very well. What does that mean? At this point we don't know. It is possible that they can remove the tumor but it now depends on if they do it with or without a liver transplant.

It looks like we will be heading to NY next week. We are not sure what day yet but we know it's next week. We also found out that at this point he doesn't have to have his stem cells harvested again. The doctor says they still have enough left from the first time they harvested. He is eating much better now but will still be on IV supplements for a few more days. He should also be coming home tomorrow. It will be nice to get a little time at home before we take that trip. I think the kids are going to have a hard time next week. Even though we spend an extended amount of time at the hospital, there is always one of us at home.


trainingforsub3 said...

I hope things continue to improve. Cody is very fortunate to have you and Diane as his parents. Brady says hello to Cody. He asks how he is doing every day. He got mad and screamed the other day when I said that Cody went back in the hospital. I can only imagine how much anger Cody feels with his condition.
My dad had 5 chemo sessions for leukemia about 7 years ago, he was in the hospital for 30-35 days at a time. My dad even had anger issues during that time. I know one night at home between treatments he woke up and found that his head was bleeding and his neck was sore. He was dreaming he was back in the hospital and was trying to escape and hurled himself out of bed and into the wall. Chemo is h***, plain and simple. But it is a very necessary evil. 7 years later and my dad is doing well. Hang in there. You're a great dad!

Gettin Older said...

Always glad for good reports, Hang in there.


elizabethnyc said...

Mickey, glad to hear the tumor has shrunk (shunken? shrank??) so significantly with the chemo. It's truly an instance of fighting fire with fire, no wonder Cody has those days when he's angry, hurt, etc. You and Diane keep hanging in there, hugs to Justin and Daniela too.

When you're in NYC next week, I'll post or PM some local good and cheap restaurants/pizza/bagels/coffee places for you that are near MSKCC.

Central Park is obviously wonderful for a nice walk or if you have a few moments for a run, but there's also a walking/running path along the East River, just 1 block east of MSKCC. Sometimes, fresh air helps a lot. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Cody is getting his appetite back. And IMMENSELY happy the tumor has taken a beating from the chemo !!
You and Diane continue to amaze all of us Masters. Your kids will understand your absence. Kids are the most resilient human beings on the planet. Love, prayers and positive thoughts to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Mickey this is great news to hear that the tumor has shrunk. I am also glad to hear that he is home now so that he will have a chance to hang out with Daniela and Justin before having to go to NYC. Thoughts and prayers to all.