Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Long wait without a word.

We have been waiting all day and still no word from the doctor. I've got to tell you, this is starting to get old real quick. Cody had his scans last Wednesday and they were received by the doctor up in NY yesterday morning. I've got to say that Diane and I both are not real happy with the way things are going right now. Just waiting is killer..

On another note, Diane had to take Justin to the doctor today. He has been complaining the past few weeks that his stomach hurts in the evening after dinner. At first we thought he had a stomach virus or something. He had no fever and didn't throw up so we both began to get concerned that it may be something worse. You know, Cody was complaining of stomach pains also. And before you dismiss this so quickly you have to put yourself in our shoes. To say we are a little gun shy would be a major understatement. So Diane took him to the doctor and the doctor sent her to the hospital for x-rays and blood work. We were both very happy to get a call from the doctor this evening saying that everything came back OK. His x-rays, platelets, white blood cells and enzymes are good. He told us to have him eat more fiber and drink more water. Although Justin says he has a BM everyday the doctor says some kids say they do but may not. Stress may also have something to do with it. You really don't know what is going on in you child's mind all the time. The doctor says we need to also monitor him closely. Never a boring moment.


c said...

do not give are strong and igod is with you. our prays with you christina scot brandon . from st. pete fl.

GB said...

Waiting certainly is difficult. Hang in there, Deck.

I'm glad Justin is okay. I'm learning a lot about parenting from you and Diane. Thanks for setting a good example. I often times dismiss things that my kids complain about, but I shouldn't do that, especially when they don't complain often.

Hugs to you all.

Gettin Older said...

Hang in there big guy. We will keep doing what we can.


Dottie said...

The waiting must be sooooo hard. Good news that Justin is fine. No surprise that you were worried about him. Maybe today you'll hear something and in the meantime enjoy the down time between treatments.


elizabethnyc said...

You and Diane have a lot on your plates right now, and waiting for answers and progress has got to be difficult. Know we're thinking of you all!

Monica Cassier said...

Glad Justin is ok... he's probably feeling the stress... but also, fyi, I had my daughter in the ER last year because she was so constipated - I didn't know it could cause such pain! They actually had to give her MORPHINE!
She drinks water and eats apples every day... but go figure... So... have the kid try Raisin bran, drink tons of water... and he'll be fine...

Hang in there Mick: I think of you, Diane, Cody, justin, and Daniela every single day. Your blog is - after email - the first I check for updates...


Anonymous said...

Waiting is never easy, but hang in there news will come soon.

I am so glad to hear that Justin is ok. I don't think you were jumping the gun. In fact as I was reading the blog, I was thinking the same thing you and Diane were. Raisin bran is a good idea, as mentioned before. Almost any fruit too.

Praying for you all everyday.

Susan and Jonathan