Thursday, January 10, 2008

We have a little more info..

I just got off the phone with Diane. She said that Cody's doctor called her. Keep in mind that this is after Diane called the doctor up in NY. She said that the surgeon and the liver specialist are looking at Cody's x-rays and deciding whether they are going to remove the tumor now or try to shrink it more before the operation. So, in the next few days we will find out and until then we get to enjoy life. No matter what is next we won't do anything until next week. This will give Cody some much needed down time. They don't feel that the cancer will recover in this amount of time. But, the doctors do say that the next chemo no matter if it is before or after the surgery will be a different mix. They feel that the cancer will start becoming resistant to the mix he has had the last two times.

He is so funny. When he likes something to eat, he will eat it everyday until he is tired of it. He is now on a celery w/cream cheese and garlic salt kick. He has eaten half a stalk today.. :D

Now a little self inflicted abuse. Many of my running friends know that I am having a very hard time finding me time. It just goes with the territory. Between being in the hospital most of the time and going through the Christmas holidays I have gained 11 pounds. I have no willpower and I'm not burning the calories that I was burning while marathon training. Willpower was not much of a problem while running because I was so focused on the task at hand. Now the task is different and eating is my comfort. I hope I don't explode before this is over... :(


GB said...

Hey Deck, don't even worry about the extra pounds. You are dealing with something a gazillion times more important than running and watching what you eat. When faced with what you're facing, all that other stuff just doesn't matter so much, if at all. Cut yourself some slack. You are doing the best you can!

I hope Cody and the rest of you enjoy some down time.

Anonymous said...

Candy and Tina were here 4 or 5 hrs and did some cleaning for me because of inspection tomorrow That
sure did help. I showed Tina your
blog and we were all glad to see the pic's on it today.After all Cody has been thru, the little Devil can still be funny.....It's
good to hear he is eating so and keeps the smiles coming. Tell him
I like his funny faces.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pix Mickey !! You both look good to me !! Weight comes and goes. No worries !! Just eat celery like Cody !!!
Boy those two loved taking the Hannah pix to school, I'm sure !! They really came out well !
The waiting is just miserable. It's always better mentally to be moving on with more action and treatments. You have a good attitude about enjoying this break. Cody can search out more "Daily Fave Foods" !!
Prayers and positive thoughts continue. G2G

Kati said...

There is a time for everything, Mickey. The 11 pounds will come off just like they went on!

Do make Me time for yourself and for Diane too. In order to be the best you can for Cody, you both need to refresh yourselves.

Continued prayers going up!

Dottie said...

Food jags are common in kids, I think. Once my daughter ate nothing but cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter for a week and half! It's good that he's eating and you'll lose that weight when things get back to normal.

Whatever 'normal' is.... :-)


Anonymous said...

Great pics of you and Cody! Never tried the celery and cream cheese with garlic salt, but I love it with out. Love his choice in foods, he's got good taste.

Mickey, don't worry about the pounds. I've seen you lately and I wouldn't know the difference. If you get a chance go run, if not then the time will come later for you to do so.

Susan and Jonathan