Friday, January 11, 2008

The latest...

Well it looks like we are going to do another round of chemo starting next week. As it stands now the tumor is inoperable. They want to change up the chemo mix and hit at least one more time before doing anything else. He will be starting on Tuesday and this one will at last 5 days instead of 4. This cocktail will also include a chemical that may damage his hearing. When Cody was going through this the last time he lost some of hearing because of one the drugs. He has been feeling and acting very good the past couple of days. His anger outbursts have settled down the past few days. We are hoping this will be the case when he finishes his treatment. I guess we will just be chilling out this weekend and try to catch our breath.


Gettin Older said...

Hang in there Mickey. We are still out here rooting and pulling for you. I got a package off to y'all yesterday, and I have a Marathon to run for Cody day after tomorrow.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Hope you all enjoy a quiet weekend at home. Lots of favorite food, (this weeks favs!!), games and family.
Think of all of you daily, and have logged many miles thinking of Cody.
Positive thoughts and prayers continue. G2G

mc said...

Hey guys,

Loved the pictures of the kids with the superstar. My class love them. It is beautiful day. Know Cody cant be around people, but did you think a day on skyline drive, picnic in the daddy truck and a little hike to see a water fall. Just a thought. Think of you daily.

the Mc's

elizabethnyc said...

Mickey and Diane,
Enjoy a little downtime with the family before things start up again - probably nice to have a little bit of a pause? Sounds like Cody's docs have a plan mapped out, which is good.

Thinking of you and your precious family every day!

GB said...

I will continue to pray for Cody and for all of you.

Is there anything Cody would like? Does he have a list of movies he'd like to have for his collection? I'd love to send him something he'd enjoy. Let me know :)

Anonymous said...

Here it is 7:oo am and have you
all on my mind.Except for the ball
game I hope the week end has been
GOOD & calm so far.Has Cody gotten his fill of celery by now.The loberster and shrimp sure did
sound good... Give all kids a hug
& kiss from GRANDMA and that you
all have a good day.Jen is going to make me copies of the kids with the singer. They were very nice.
Didn't yoi get one with the guy
that was playing hard to get????
I keep checking for your next

Corie said...

I'd stop by, but both Mackenzie and I have colds....I have next weekend off, would Abby and Justin like to go to a movie? Let me know.

Love ya,