Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nice weekend so far.

Yesterday was pretty nice. I got up and went with Justin to work on his pinewood derby car. The race is next Saturday and I will probably miss it. We went to a friends house and cut the car out of a block of wood. Justin sanded it and then applied the primer. He chose gold as his color and put a bunch of stickers on it. We will put the wheels on today and a little weight to the car.

Later in the day we loaded the kids bikes up and took them to a local school so they could ride around. It was pretty nice out when we decided to go but it got pretty cold when we got there. They didn't seem to mind. They all had a blast. It was a nice day outside before Cody has to go in on Tuesday.

The time off of chemo has seemed to do him well. His melt downs have become less frequent the past few days. Hopefully that will be the case when this is all over. Diane was really using her head when she was talking with the doctor about the coming week. Usually when Cody would start chemo it wouldn't get started until late in the evening. By the time he was admitted and the doctor would order his chemo it was always late. What makes this bad is that they usually want him to pee every couple hours so it makes for a very long couple of nights. Not only does it wear on Cody but it also takes it's toll on Mommy and Daddy. Well she told the doctor she wants the chemo hung during the day.. What a concept huh? :D Hopefully this will help him during this session.

I would like to take this time to introduce you to Cody's Doctors.

Dr. AMAL ABU-GHOSH is his main doctor and has been handling Cody from the beginning. She is an angel and we really love her. If you watch the Cody video, she is in the picture with him when he has the tube in his nose. Dr. ABU-GOSH is from Palestine.

Dr. AZIZA SHAD. She is the head of the Pediatric Oncology and Hematology at Georgetown. Dr. Shad and I spent some late nights together when we almost lost Cody due to reactions he had with one of the chemo drugs the last go around. He developed heart failure and his lungs filled up with blood. Dr. SHAD is from Pakistan.

Dr. Gabrial Hauser. Dr. Hauser runs the Pediatric ICU. He was also one of the main reasons Cody is still with us today. Dr. Hauser is from Israel.

The newest member to "Team Cody" is Dr. Shakeel Modak from Sloan-Kettering. He will be handling Cody's treatment while in New York. He is from India.

Now, do you see the pattern here? Each of these doctors are from all over the world. The countries they come from can't seem to get along but they have come together for a common cause and make a difference in this world. Too bad the world's governments can't take a lesson from them.

Thanks for the offer. I can honestly say my kids want for nothing toy wise. Between Christmas, Diane's mother, friends and the hospital, they get more than any kid could want. They could use a miracle though. :D

they did get a couple of him fighting to get away from her. We should be getting them this week when we go in to the hospital. I really wanted to get up there this weekend but it will just have to wait. Maybe in the spring when the weather is a little warmer...
Love Ya...


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mickey and family ! So glad to hear Cody and all of you got some good outside time yesterday !! I agree, this has been a nice break for everyone.
Way to go with the derby car ! I'm guessing Justin has an inherited competive spirit, so will be awaiting next weeks results !
Good luck this week. Diane advocated well for a better schedule on the chemo. Sometimes it's as easy as asking !!
Positive thoughts and prayers continue. G2G

Anonymous said...

Hey Mickey,
I want you to know how much we are all inspired by all of you. You and Diane are doing such a great job of hanging in there and holding on with all you got. We are all here for you in anyway we can. Give Diane and the kids big hugs and kisses for us and know that we are praying constantly for you all. bigSis

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for sharing all the great pictures with us. I love seeing you all and you are becoming very good at putting you feelings into words.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a good weekend. Smart on Diane's part moving the chemo up to the day time. Hopefully it will be easier on Cody and both you and Diane. Sounds like you and Justin had a good day yesterday build his derby car. Prayers and thoughts for the entire family.

Susan and Jonathan

Dottie said...

Good Monday Morning!

I don't get online on weekends so I like to be able to catch up on Mondays and it sounds like you had a great weekend. : )

Hopefully the different chemo start will make for better nights and a sunnier disposition for Cody. Good thinking on Diane's part.

Prayers and hugs being sent from KY!


ELizabethNYC said...

Sounds like the DeckApe family had a relaxed enjoyable weekend - FANTASTIC! :-)

Hugs to all,

trainingforsub3 said...


I'm glad to hear and see that everyone had a good weekend. It is nice to see pictures of the kids smiling and having fun.

I hope the time change with the beginning of treatment will make it easier on Cody for that first night. Hang in there!


GB said...

Nice pictures of the kiddos you posted. Okay then, I will just continue sending good thoughts your way (and prayers skyward). I hope the team of doctors will help deliver that miracle. :)