Thursday, January 17, 2008

A pretty good day...

After last nights update Diane said that everything went much better. When Cody spit out his meds last night his was told that he would have to get a feeding tube put in his nose. Well he wanted nothing to do with that so he took the meds without anymore problems. He had a great day for her also.

I started my shift this afternoon and he just took his meds again without a problem. I hope he gets through this without too many side affects. Besides the possible hearing loss he may have bad mucositis. That is bad sores in the mouth, throat and digestive track. You can guarantee that he will not want to eat much if that happens. We really have to stay on his mouth care now and that is just as bad as trying to get him to take oral meds.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures. They really bring out his personality.

So things are going well right now. Keep putting in a good word with the man upstairs.... :D


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pix of Cody with Hannah!! Glad to see you in the scene too Mickey !!
Sounds like you may be hiding meds in a variety of favorite foods ! Ice cream may work at least once !
Prayers and postive thoughts continue ! G2G

Dottie said...

How great that he's taking the meds orally and without incident. I hope he can still eat a lot of ice-cream if his mouth gets sore.

Hugs to all of you!

Gettin Older said...

Glad he would listen to reason. Give the big guy a hug for me.

Anonymous said...

Hope Cody got to see the pretty snow that the DC area had yesterday.

Glad he is understanding that the outcome is all about the choices he makes.

Where's the best place to send cards - to the house?

Hugs to Cody!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that he decided to take the medicine. I am sure it isn't exactly the super hero medicine he was expecting to get.

Good luck to Justin on his test today and his pinewood derby race tomorrow. Are they still having that this weekend? I don't know much about them so I wasn't sure if weather would affect it.

Prayers for all!

Susan and Jonathan