Sunday, January 6, 2008

Yummy Clam Chowder...

Yesterday Diane ran out to the stores and Justin went to a friend's house. I had Cody and Daniela for the day. Here are some pretty animated pictures from lunch.

Today we are heading into Georgetown to have Cody's blood work done. They are having a very special guest visiting the kids today and I hope to have some great pictures for you all later.. :D


Anonymous said...

Golly! Cody had better quite those
terrible faces or he'll scare me>>>
I just got home from work and was
glad to see more pic's.I hope they
ate all their chowder.

ElizabethNYC said...

Fantastic pix, and looks like the kiddos were having a great time together!

Too bad ice cream wouldn't really mail that well, I'd ship some Ben and Jerry's directly from the source now that I know Cody's an ice cream fan. :-)

Gettin Older said...

Great pictures Cody looked like a pirate, and Daniela appears to be a lego maniac.

Anonymous said...

Love the pix !! I agree, Cody is looking the part of a pirate !!
Hope Cody enjoyed the "special guest" when he went for bloodwork !
Prayers and positive thoughts continue ! g2g

Anonymous said...

Mickey, love the pics! It looks like it was a good day at your place.

Susan and Jonathan

Gregory said...


Great pics there of Cody and you, Deck! Loved seeing those here on my Monday in Seoul!

Gregory (Pudov)

Dottie said...

Love the pirate faces!