Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm not sure what the day holds...

It was a quite night. He didn't get up to pee or go #2. The Imodian AD must have did the trick. The bleeding really concerns me. I have to take him in this morning for blood work so we will see. What a difference a day makes. When we got home Sunday night he was wrestling with his brother and running around. Yesterday I walked through the door and he was sleeping in Diane's arms. He isn't eating much now because he is afraid he will have diarrhea again. As soon as he wakes up we will head in. It's better to wait for rush hour to end anyway. I will post again this evening to let everyone know how he is doing. That is of coarse, if we come home.. :(

When things are good, they are really good. But at times like these, every little thing just seems to set me off. I have no patients with the kids or Diane. It's hard to stay positive. I'm running out of steam and starting to question my own strength. This whole thing just seems to go on and on. Just when you think things are going better for Cody they seem to go bad again.


Babygirl said...

Mickey - You are in my prayers today. Don't lose your amzing strength. Cody needs that in you. LOL to you sweetie - Pam

ElizabethNYC said...

This is a long, drawn-out battle and obviously really tough on you and Diane, and the family as a whole.

I can't offer much more than to say take a deep breath, send in your prayers to the Man upstairs :-) and know that we're all doing the same - for Cody's health AND for you and Diane to have strength for yourself and your family.

Hugs to all,

Anonymous said...

Mickey stay strong. You knew that as part of the cycles later in the week would be tough. The meds are working in his body to kill off the cancer. Ya'll are amazing I know you'll get through this portion too.

Prayers for health and strength to all!

Susan and Jonathan

Gettin Older said...

Man Mick, I missed your post last night. I know it is tough, and I would not want to be in your shoes. You have more strength than you know. And, we are all behind you praying for you and Cody. Unfortunately, you and Diane are out "on the point", and you are getting all the "slings and arrows".

When you are up on the hill, go ahead and look forward. When you are in the dark and the mud, take it a step at a time, and think of Geetah and the gnarly 24 hour run. All he could think about was forward motion.

call if you need to talk


Kati said...


Remember that old Bible story of Moses watching the war from the hilltop? He lifted his arms up in prayer and as long as his arms were raised, his people were winning the war. When he became too tired to keep his arms raised, his friends came to his side and lifted his arms for him. Alone it is never easy. Together, we can make it through!

I can't imagine how tired you must be. Your resources are tapped - your problem solving skills, patience, hope, energy and all that goes in to caring for a sick child.

I have nothing to offer you but prayers. Please know that when your arms get too tired to lift, mine (and so many more) are raised in petition for your strength.

Lean on us!

Kate said...

Hey Mickey,

Glen told me about your blog so I came to see what was going on. Please know that we are praying for Cody and of course for you and Diane!! We're battling our own cancer issues with John but we know that the Lord is in control and nothing happens without Him knowing about it. I'll stop by and check on you and will certainly put Cody on the prayer list at church again!

All our love,

Kate and John